Friday, April 6, 2012

Well...the last day of my "Vacation" did not go according to plan...


So, what else is new?

Don't get me wrong...almost everything on my "list" to get done on the last day of my "Vacation" got done!

I woke up when I wanted to...Me and The Mrs. got the garden tilled up and ready for planting.  

Heck, we could have done it a month ago, and it would have been flourishing by now...we REALLY had an early Springtime.  But, we did not get it done, and "Good Friday" is when Granny Laura always put her garden in...and The Mrs., and Granny Laura got joined at the hip in our younger years.  Granny Laura was born in 1890, and lived until 1994.  She was 104 years old when she went on to Heaven.  She and Pam "connected" in the years that Pam got dragged in to  my family.  

They were like peas and carrots...

Really, they were.  

Granny Laura called Pam, "GIRL."  There is a long story about a former Sister-in-Law that Granny Laura called "Teenie," which I will not bore y'all with, because she is a FORMER Sister-in-Law.

Regardless, The Mrs. loved my Great Grandmother like she was her own.  And, maybe appreciated her even more than I did.  


So, where am I going with this?  Oh yeah...

I got some extra tasks thrown in on me that I really did not anticipate for the last day of my "Vacation."

We had this big old bush in our back yard that had grown gynormous, and I liked it a lot!  It had gotten so gynormous that it hid the dog kennel that we NEVER USED, AND WILL NEVER USE FOR IMPOUNDING A DOG.

I believe in "free animals."  But, some former resident here at Andy's Place figured it was a good idea to put a dog kennel in the back yard.  It's concrete, and it DID have galvanized fencing around it.  And, it looked like a prison that I would NOT NEVER impound a canine in. 


I started to link to that old post, but I figured I'd just show y'all the picture of the gynormous bush from that old post.

I did a post a long while back about how glad I was that that big old bush covered up the dog kennel, and the crappy view I have here in the hood, and all.

Anyway...last Summer, was brutal.  I mean, B.R.U.T.A.L.  Almost everything died due to the heat, dryness, etc.  My beloved gynormous bush succumbed, too.  It was a bad summer.  

So, we cut down, and dragged off as much of my gynormous bush as we had energy to drag off.  But, there was still a bunch of limbs, other pecan limbs that had fallen, and a helluvalot of junk I'd dragged out while cleaning out the shop on my "Vacation."

So, the Mrs. said, "I'm gonna burn all of this stuff."  And, I was like, "Pam, you can't BURN stuff in the city.  It's against City Ordinances, and you're gonna get caught, and fined."

She replied, "Just squat and watch!"

I swear, when I got back home from getting mine and #4 Son's haircuts (at 1000 HRS), it looked like some Injun was sending up smoke signals.  I mean...I just KNEW that she was gonna get busted for burning within the city limits.

About every 45 seconds a cop, or a Fire Truck runs down Barksdale Blvd...and, they have a classic view of Andy's Place (where the Mrs. was out there breaking the law violating City ordinances).  

But, not one emergency, or law enforcement vehicle seemed to be too much interested on Good Friday.

 (You should note that there are a bunch of 2x4s, and old pieces of oak wood that I threw out of the garage apartment a couple of years back.  It's been bugging the hell out of her that they've been laying right beside her vegetable  garden, and she decided to BURN them, too!)

Thank goodness, because The Mrs. was making up stories in her head about what she would do if the Poleese, or The Fire Trucks showed up.  "I'll tell 'em I didn't know that I couldn't BURN in the city.  I'll tell them that my husband ran off, and wouldn't drag all these limbs to the street, and I didn't know what to do except to burn them.  I'll tell them that I am menopausal, and burning things keeps me from committing murder!"


That's about how it went.  

Man, did we ever have a good time burning up old limbs and junk!  We ate tater chips and sammiches.  It was kinda' like a picnic...

Then, she pushed me.  " really need to get up on the patio cover and get all those pecan limbs that have fallen for years, and all the leaves up there swept off.  The fire is hot, and it's been YEARS since you got up there and I can just throw them on the fire, know you REALLY need to do that."

She was right.  I swear, I've really let this place go to pot.  

So, I did.

The short of it is...The Mrs. forced me to helped me consolidate a HUGE pile of junk that needed consolidating.

Yep!  That's all there is left of it.

And, it's still smoldering, so it'll probably be even less come tomorrow....

The Mrs. told me that she plans to plant a "Butterfly Garden" out there by the concrete kennel.  Actually, we pulled off all the old chain link fencing on the kennel.  

Okay, so I didn't pull the chain link off the swinging gates.  So, sue me!

I'm going to frame it up, and finally build The Mrs. The Greenhouse of her dreams.  She's always wanted one.  And, I gots my mojo going maybe I will get it done.

I sure hope so.  

I've gotta hit the hay, and get back to REAL LIFE tomorrow.

It was a good "Vacation."  Glad y'all was here to enjoy it with me!  I love y'all!


  1. Andy, I never, ever heard anyone but my mother called "Teenie" before and only one person called her that--my cousin who passed away recently. She was about 7 or 8 years older than he was and helped to raise him and for some reason (I never asked) he always called Mom "Teenie."

    Sorry about your old gynormous bush, we lost a couple last year too.

    You definitely have your mojo working and so does the Mrs. Whatcha gonna plant in your garden?

  2. Dan, it was a TOUGH Summer last year. I've got high hopes for this one...

    Granny Laura tagged my older brother's first wife "Teenie." She was...probably still is "Teenie, tiny."

    She was a miserable wife to my brother. But, a dang good Mom to their son from what I figure.

    He's about to be a Father himself now.

    Time marches on...and chirrens just keep coming!

  3. to what's to be planted in the garden.

    'Maters, Okra, Cucumbers, Peppers (several varieties), sqwarshes, and Zukini...

    The Mrs. loves her some Zukini!

  4. Whew! Makes me tired just reading about it! I'm with you on the kennel thing -- have never understood why bother having a dog if you're just gonna lock it up and ignore it. And I LOVE Pam's rationale about the relationship to menopause and arson!

  5. Wow, your WIFE burned? How cool is that? I live in the county here, so I can burn when it's allowed. Got to burn off my whole back yard a couple weeks ago. Miss Pam probably would've loved it. I did, however, get a permit. Unlike some folks, I'd more than likely loose my job if anyone complained about it if I'd didn't get one. Next week, I get to burn down 2 buildings! On purpose! Like, you, I love my job!!


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