Thursday, April 5, 2012

It is becoming evident that I AM NOT going to get everything checked off my list!


Hey y'all!  Man, what a glorious day it was here in NW Louisiana!  Low of 58, and high of 78 (I think...something like that).  Beautiful blue skies, and good progress around my crappy joint. has become evident that as my "Vacation" winds down, I will NOT get many things accomplished that I had hoped.  I will not get the wood fence finished around the back yard that I've been planning on doing for about 10 years.

I will NOT get the bathroom in the garage apartment renovated.

I will NOT get the patio cover in the back yard painted.  Or, the shop, either...or the garage apartment.


I will NOT get the crappy old wrought iron rails on the porches cut off and replaced with vinyl.

I will NOT get the porches sanded down to bare concrete (instead of the mishmash of red paint, blue paint, and bare concrete that previous occupants of Andy's Place vexed me with), so I can just seal bare concrete, and be extremely happy with that.

I will NOT get a bunch of junk that I had high hopes of getting did...did.

But, I'm not bitching one bit!  Honestly, this long time off from my day job has got me back in motion.  For way too long, I've let my day job, my own biz, and my obligation to Daddy's biz work on my head.  Even though there are plenty of hours in the day, I've allowed myself to get in to a pattern of thinking that everything outside of THOSE THINGS is just too much to tackle. 

Heck, I'm just 52 years old!  I have plenty of energy, and ability.  I CAN GET ALL THE JUNK I WANT TO GET DONE, DONE!!!  I've just allowed myself to fool myself in to thinking that I can't.

No more.

Maybe it's just the Springtime, or the fact that I haven't taken the time to "breathe" for a while.  But, I have now.  All that junk will get done.  Trust me, it will, and I'll show y'all pitchers, too!

Today...drumroll...The Mrs., and me FINALLY got completely caught up on our business. 


First time in months. 

I'm happy about that.  Really happy.

One of the projects on my list was to put up the bird house that my Brother-in-law (you know...the one that lives on the old fambly farm in stinkin' Arkansas) made for us.  It took me about four minutes to dig a 2' deep hole, to mount a 7' cedar post with a pine platform. 

Thank God, it's been a wet winter/spring.

His bird houses are REALLY cool, and hand made from cedar at the old fambly farm.  I know I've linked to his Etsy site before, but Imma doing it again.  (Pass that link around if you have a mind to). 

He's actually doing pretty good with his art on  Several retail shops are carrying his bird houses, wire sculptures, etc.  It's a tough way to make a living...but, it supplements him as he's trying to reclaim the old fambly farm.  My BIL is an interesting cat. 

Trust me, he is.

I took a short video of him working on his bird houses when we were up there. 9 days off from work got shortened to 8. It's a long story, but my boss called me and asked if I could come in on Saturday from 0630 to 1830 HRS, to help with something "new" that's been dropped in our lap.  (Y'all local visitors will know what I'm talking about).

I told him I would, and would be glad to make the OT.  So...

Tomorrow (Good Friday) is the last day of my "Vacation."  My list for tomorrow (the last day of my "Vacation")...

1)  Till up the garden when I wake up.

2)  Get my hair cut (and #4 Son, too) at 1000 HRS.  

c)  Help The Mrs. get the vegetables all planted at roughly 1100 HRS.  

d)  Mow the grass, weed-eat, and blow (still mostly weeds, but a lot of grass...been an early Spring) after the weeds all dry up enough to get mowed.

5)  Collapse in to bed, and prepare my mind for real probably 2015 HRS (That's when I need to...hopefully, I will).

I guess I ought to go on and show y'all another video that I shot of BIL's turkeys. He named them all "Andy." Bless his heart, he doesn't have nearly enough turkey hens for his studs. He told me, "'re about to get mounted. These guys are lookin' for love!"

I watched close after learning that occasionally they do their thing on the legs/feet of strangers.

It was funny...I didn't have the camera running when it happened, but while BIL was being "circled," he looked at the turkeys and said, "Don't you even think about it! I'm not in the mood! I've got a headache!!!"


  1. Was close by Andy's place today but was nice and didn't ride by blowing my horn or nothing. Yep, I guess your job has to include the 'new' old place now. I've been curious what they are going to do with it, now I know. They're going to secure it.
    Have a great Easter!

  2. Nice birdhouse. And an impressive Honey-Do list, too.

    You better get to work, Young Man.

  3. Andy, that to do list is way too long. Can't you get the gub'mint to do some of it?

    Fantastic BIL birdhouses. Just might order us one.

    For some reason the bit on "turkey love" made me think of liberals. Aren't they just about ready to do their thing to anything or anybody--animal, vegetable, or mineral?

    Happy Easter!

  4. Dan, me and the gubmit are not on speaking terms.

    Just sayin'...

    As to the liberals squirtin' their junk...well, YEAH!

    Happy Easter to you and Joyce, too.

  5. LOVE the birdhouse, and that vid of the turkeys is a hoot! I think you've done quite well on you list!


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