Thursday, September 13, 2012

Laughed. Out. Loud!

So, at this motel we're staying at in Ozark stinkin' Arkansas there were these two (obviously) children of Indian descent running around the parking lot.

I figure their Daddy owns the joint. And, it's pretty okay. No complaints...

Anyway...the boy looked like he is about five. But his sister (I'm assuming) is probably nine.

Cute as a button, too!

So in my best American voice I say to her, "Hello."

She replies, as she runs past me..."Hey!!!"

The times they are a'chanin''...

She is cute as all get out! Got the Suthun' down, too...

She might one day be the wife of a Southun' Governor...


  1. A vacation? Cool! Yer a lil early for Fall color, though.

    Apropos o' the post below... Arkansas makes wine? Like, ummm... Thunderbird?

  2. Some come here and become americans. I congratulate them for going through the process and becoming americans the right way. Hope you have a good time.


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