Sunday, September 16, 2012

Windows 7 failed on me...


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Fortunately, I have both Carbonite, and an external hard drive that backs up automatically once a day.

Also, MOST fortunately, I had taken the time to create system repair discs when I purchased my HP not so long ago.

MOST fortunate....

Unfortunately, I've got a ton of programs to install...drivers to fetch...and I've lost at least the semblance of order that my desktop gave to my biniss, Dad's biniss, and to my life in general.


I shall be occupied.

For a while.


  1. You scared me. I just ordered Carbonite. Been meaning to do that anyway. Good luck over there.

  2. Pat, you will NOT be sorry. Have had 3 'puter failures since I signed up with Carbonite several years ago.

    Money well spent...


    1. Makes me wonder if Carbonite zaps you're 'puter just so you can say "thank goodness I had Carbonite!"

    2. Heh! Only you would dig that deep in the weeds...


  3. This is the first time I've ever heard of an OS failure. I've seen and experienced lotsa hard drive failures, but never one with the OS.

    Coincidence or conspiracy...? I got the shit scared outta me Thursday or Friday when the 'puter wouldn't boot following a "normal" update from Microsnot. I got a blue-screen o' death with the message "Windows failed to start" and was then prompted to initiate recovery (Y/N), along with the oh-so-reassuring "this cannot be undone." Bottom line: recovery was successful, Windows loaded, and I put the gun away.

    The next day that SAME update ran successfully. About which, that was also the first time I'd ever seen an update fail.

    Ya gotta love 'puters, when you're not hatin' on 'em.

  4. I gotz Winders 8, an' so fer, it ain't et nuthin'.

    Ah think it knowd whar ah parks mah shotgun...

    1. Windows 8?

      Heck Skunks, I didn't think you even had a cell phone!


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