Monday, October 1, 2012

Just in case y'all ain't been keeping up...


The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (WAC) are 4-0, having won on the road against Houston, Illinois, and Vujinyuh!

The only thing keeping them from being 5-0 was the opening game being cancelled against the miserable fAggies of Collij Stashun. 

Dang that Hurricane Isaac!

But, that shall be rectified on October 13.  It is gonna be so dang good to watch the fAggies get it handed to 'em by one of the lesser programs here in The Bayou State.

It's a good time to be a Louisiana College Football fan. is.


  1. It's pretty good bein' an ND fan, too. So far.

    1. Indeed it has, Buck. I honestly never thought ND would pull it back together, but I'm honestly impressed with the progress.


  2. Wahl...the local CU team continues to suck like a cheap vac (humiliating only WashState at the very end), and Iowa ain't what she used ta be. I need to look in on William & Mary, and see if they're winning or in divorce court.

  3. Andy could run for over 100 yards against my Horns. They cannot tackle.


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