Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just throwin' this out...


Okay, since we're down to about 7 regular visitors here at Andy's Place since I decided to quit clogging up the worldwide computer with my foolishness...

I'm just wondering if any of y'all 7 are wondering the same thing that I am.

Do y'all remember back in the 2008 Presidential campaign when many on the right posed the question, "Are people afraid to tell pollsters that they do not support Barack Obama, because somehow they might think the pollster might think that they are a racist?  Is it possible that the polls are wrong, because people do not want to tell a nameless, faceless, somebody that they don't support the black guy?"

It's hard to believe it, but it's been four whole years...four whole miserable years since that question was posed over...and over...and over...and over...

Well, it turns out that ObozO cleaned McCain's clock in the popular vote, and even more so in the electoral college in 2008.  So, maybe the speculation that folks were lying to pollsters just to seem polite, and not a RAAAAAAAAAACIST may have been wrong.

Yet, for old time's sake, I'm asking y'all (all 7 of y'all), if you think maybe there is still that imaginary deal going on.  Is it possible that Romney's 51% spot in Gallup, or his 50% spot in Rasmussen has anything to do with the fact that the poll respondents are afraid NOT to tell the nameless, faceless pollster that are supporting a white Mormon dude, at the risk of being thought to be a whitey-loving, teetotaler?

Just curious.


  1. I just think the polls are skewed for whatever reason. Maybe the sample, maybe people are afraid, maybe just media bias. What I think is that nobody who voted for John McCain in '08 is going to now vote for Obama. Then you have to figure Obama has lost a whole heck of a lot of independents. And then, he's lost a smidgen of the "black vote.". (see runaway slave). And if anybody is scared to report that they are voting for Romney, it's that group.

    I also think the pollsters have realized they can't skew to vote and must come more in line with actual figures in order to protect reputations as legitimate pollsters.

    I sound paranoid, don't I?

  2. There is some of that going on. Also that there is a fair number of people who "like" him when asked, but aint about to vote for him.

  3. Andy is LAME. Andy is STUPID. Sorry, was just reading the labels up there ^^.
    Pat, I'm not sure that Obama has lost even a smidgen of the black vote. We'll have to look at the percentages after the election. Probably has lost some independents, but has Romney gained them? I don't know. I'm not terribly optimistic, but we will see.

  4. I am more optimistic after the debates. I think Romney has a good chance of winning. I don't think people are afraid of being called racist if they say they are Romney supporters when polled. We are called that regardless. I think polls at skewed by polling more dems than rep based on exit polls from 08.

  5. Being from OK, everyone I know is voting for Romney. It is difficult to see how Obama can win anything, but it happens.

  6. In '08, the three telephone pollsters I recall speaking with were told candidly that I was not voting for Barry, and wasn't because of his expressed political beliefs that I was not totally ignorant of. One pollster suggested that this might make me look racist; I politely but firmly called him ignorant and a politically correct coward.

    In '12 -- with lamestream lib pundits claiming that for a conservative to say "Chicago" is racist, the label has lost any credibility or meaning. I won't vote for Barry because he's been an abject failure, fraud, and the moderates who were duped in '08 can atone by getting it right this time.

    Not that I have an opinion on the matter...and yes, I've already been called racist, and I told the putz that yes, I occasionally did watch NASCAR...

  7. LOL...that was supposed to be "was because of his expressed political beliefs".

  8. I'd be more embarrassed to admit I enthusiastically support a tee-totaler. My Dad always said "never trust a man who doesn't drink" and he was correct, for the most part. Is MY experience, anyhoo.

    And Hey!... I'm Numbah SEVEN, if'n ya don't count Skunk's second comment.

  9. And I'm number eight. Except I'm irregular. Oh wait. You meant regular in the sense of stopping by here a couple of times a week. I'm regular that way, so revise your figures, I am number eight. But there's another problem at least with your last year's question. I'm a "racist" so I might throw off the results of your survey. I disagreed with that term "racist" at first but since I opposed Obamacare (and was called a racist) and opposed his apology tour (and was called a racist) and opposed the "stifulimmulus" (and was called a racist) and supported the Tea Party (and was called a racist), I finally realized maybe the definition of the word has changed and just didn't get the memo. So, as a "racist," I'm happy to say I'm voting for Romney because he's a white, teetotaler Mormon. The fact that I agree with his policies and believe he will get us back on the right track has nothing to do with it.

  10. Moslem/Morman - switch around a few letters and they are virtually identical.

    That has nothing to do with this post, of course, but if you think about it, obama is only half black, so if you don't vote for him you're only 50% racist, at best.

  11. I'm voting for the white, teetotaling Mormon partially because I'm a white, teetotaling Mormon myself, but mainly because the current sitting President happens to represent probably the greatest threat to our country's freedom and Constitution that has ever existed if he gets reelected another four years. I don't think our livelihoods have ever hinged more on a presidential election before than this one (that is, unless you're one of the fortunate ones to be working for the gov't).

  12. I felt that way when a Dem pollster came to my door & asked me whether I supported President Obama. I was afraid they'd key my car &/or kill me in the middle of the night, since they obviously know where I live. I didn't tell them I can't stand our Marxist president & just told them that I was a registered Republican, but I still fear they'll come back & kill me in my sleep....

    1. Thanks for stopping by adagio. I don't post much anymore, and rarely anything political.

      But, your input is appreciated. I really do wonder if this time around there are people in fear of some kind of reprisal. The climate has deteriorated to that point in many areas of the country.

      I thought ObozO was gonna' fix that!

      Just a few more days, and we will c.


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