Saturday, November 3, 2012



Well, at least it was supposed to be.  What's that about the best laid plans of rodents, and Big Boys, or something???...

The plan was made for my BIGTIME BUSY SATTIDY.  Me, The Mrs., and #4 son were to hit The State Fair of Louisiana this morning (at the expense of my employer, God bless 'em)....then come home and work on our own biz for a few hours...and then I was to settle in for some BIGTIME College Football.

But, the stomach virus wrench got thowed in the works.

Bless his heart, #4 son woke up at roughly 0200 HRS puking his guts up.  Unfortunately, he did not make it to the crapper before the spew turned loose.


It really wasn't all that bad.  Vomit was only on his blanket, sheets, box spring, bedroom floor, the hallway floor, bathroom floor, and all over the crapper in the hall bathroom, and on him (in voluminous quantities).  So...the "graveyard shift" hazmat crew was called in to do their yoeman-like work.  

We did our best, but I'm sure we will continue to find (and smell) vomit for a while.  


So, as daylight dawned here at Andy's Place, #4 son was in no way interested in going to The State Fair of Louisiana...just wanted to sleep.  Bless his heart...

To throw the "pilin' on flag," it seems that The Mrs. is quite possibly beset with the same dastardly bug.  Bless her heart.  After working her graveyard shift, she removed her hazmat gear, and collapsed in to bed.  She has roused a time or two (it is 1355 HRS now), and looks progressively sicker each time she does.


I hope they don't have the flu.  I took the flu shot at work (it's not required, but highly recommended), and felt a bit of queasiness myself this morning (but, it probably had more to do with continued cleanup of the mess, and seems to have passed).


So, I've been pretty well a free agent today.  I decided to work on my own business this morning while the house slept in sickness.  It goes slow, but I really didn't have much to do until the really big games taking place in THE ONLY SPORT THAT REALLY MATTERS get going.  

Speaking of which...I've got a feeling that there will be some surprises today.  When it comes to the Notre Dame v. Pitt game, I'm not actually calling for an upset.  But, The Dame had better pay big-time attention to the passing game of Pitt...some impressive numbers...and those 4-4 teams are JUST THE ONES that can upset your plans for post-season glory.  Trust me on this one.  I look for it to be close.

I see no reason that The 'Boys of Okie State can not beat The Hawks.  I look for 220 total points, and about four million yards of total offense between 'em (not including punt return yards...but there may not be any, because I doubt either team will punt).  

Of course, I am an LSU homer, so my great hopes are for big-time shakeups above us.  And, the lay of the land is ripe for such things.  The miserable Ducks of Oregon face off against The Rubbers.  If anyone on their schedule needs a win as badly this Sattidy as USC, I'd have to have it 'splained to me.  I'm going out on a limb, and calling this one for The Miserable Rubbers over The Miserable Ducks.

But...our Tiger hopes are really in our own hands at Tiger Stadium tonight.  Am I "optimistic" about a win against Corch St. Nick, and his Tide?

Well, no.

But, my lack of optimism will have ZERO to do with the outcome of the game.  Tiger Stadium is a tough place to play, no matter how good you are.  And, trust me, 'Bama is GOOD!  It will require us (LSU) to play "The Perfect Game."  Do we have it in us?  


But, even a close loss to The Tide would be respected (and I look for the game to be close either way), and LSU should likely stay in the BCS bowl hunt.  Crud...I know for all my fellow LSU homers, I really sound pessimistic here.  But not really so much.  This is just one of those gaaaaamz that is so dang hard to figure that it's like a puzzle with pieces missing.  All I know to do is look at it, and find out what happens.

And, I'll be ready (and grateful that Daylight Savings Time ends tonight...seein' as I gotta be at work on my day job at roughly 0545 Sunday morning...that extra hour of sleep might just hep me keep my jarb).  

Come Sunday morning, we'll know about all of this.'s possible that the next 10 hours will change the landscape of the BCS in big-time ways.

We shall c. 

Oh yeah...gotta post this.

 Catch y'all on the flip-flop!


  1. Love that chicken hat, really! I need a reprise of that chicken hat v-log.

  2. Ahem. You need a tune-up on yer prognostication skilz, he said... with the benefit o' 20-20 hindsight. I was back and forth between yer game and the Waterfowl v. Condoms... neither of whom had any defense to speak of. But that one WAS interesting. Yer game was the game o' the day for me, even though it ended badly. I really was rooting for ya. Srsly.

    1. Buck, I know you were rooting for The Tigers...anything to shake up the top for yer Irish...nyuk...

  3. If you put a little tinfoil somewhere on that hat you can use that remote control to actually determine the outcome of the game.


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