Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Night Quarterback.


For no particular reason...except that for the world ends tomorrow, and I wanted ONE more post on record when it does, about just how damn great "The Only Sport That Really Matters" is, and about Mr. Paul William Bryant, the greatest football corch ever. eldest son is named "William" (We always called him by his middle name 'Dean,' but as he became an adult he opted for the 'William' I respect that), and the youngest of the four boys is "Paul.")


I just report.  Y'all decide...



  1. No doubt. One heck of a coach.

  2. So... ummm... WHY isn't one o' yer sons named "Bear?"

    I'm writing this from another dimension, where life goes on as we kinda-sorta used to know it. Too bad all the rest o' y'all are dead.


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