Sunday, September 8, 2019

SMQ WEEK 2 2019

Hey y'all!

I know it's not Sunday Morning (I'm a bit under the weather, and slept in), but here be my thoughts after watching real sports all day Sattidy.

1)  I am quite sure that Bo is face down in his grave right now.  

Okay, we all know that The US Military Academy has a way of messing up everybody (ooops I don't mean that in a bad way.  I love me some Soldiers) that is ranked high in preseason guesses.  But c'mon!  When you know exactly what your opponents game plan will be, you need to prepare for it, and shut it down.

The Whooferines were not able to do that...even though anybody that understands football with an IQ over 30 knew exactly what  Army was going to do.  And they did it.  And Michigan was their victim.

I'm sorry...I have read a bunch of stuff today trying to 'splain why Michigan sucked so much, and that they are really really good...yada yada...

I don't buy any of it.  When you invite any mid-level team (even our beloved Soldiers) to your "BIG" house to play a game, and you're supposed to be one of the elite teams in 'Murica, it is your obligation to crush them, not luck out in OT.

Michigan needs a new drawing board...and somebody else to draw on it.

I don't think Bo is available.

2)  The fAGGIES ain't all that bad.

It truly pains me to say it, but they are not.  They did NOT embarrass themselves against the BEAST that Clemson is.  A 14 point loss AT Memorial is nothing to be ashamed of.

3)  Ole Miss is not as bad as Arkansas

That's all.

4)  Arkansas is really bad

5)  the Ohio State...keep a sharp eye on them.  

I have never been a fan, but they did EXACTLY what you are supposed to do.  When you invite a mid-level team to your "BIG" horseshoe, you are supposed to humiliate them.  You are supposed to prepare for how they might be able to humiliate you, and shut that down.

They did.

6)  Clemson is a BEAST.

My good buddy Gary (last name will not be revealed, so as to protect his life here in NWLA) is a Clemson grad, and huge fan.  He flies to almost EVERY Clemson game no matter where it is.  He was in Memorial yesterday when the Tigers beat the fAGGIES.  He told me "Wuh', we coulda'dun' awot bettuh'."

Honestly, I don't see how.  These. Guys. Are. Guud!

7)  My beloved LSU Tigers...I don't think I've ever been prouder.

Seriously, I don't.  Not even when we beat St. Nick 9-6 in 2011 (Still a classic for the ages).  Texas is a quality squad, and I knew they would bring some O.  They did.  Aranda will have to pick that apart, and retrain some stuff, but he is a genius when it comes to such things.

It was just lovely to see us get a quality win, against a quality team in Darryl K Royal Memorial.

8)  OU crushed South Dakota.  Yawn...

9)  'Bama is yet to be tested, but I am predicting two losses in regular season play.  

Yep, 2 (two).

10)  Boise State averted disaster, and will still probably be the the next IMAGINARY NATIONAL CHAMPION.  

The Thundering Herd gave them all they could handle on the blue turf, but they figgered a way...


  1. 1. Mush S gives up 21 points a game. Ewwwww.
    2. Tamu drops three slots.
    3. The Klan is 5000% better than they were last year. Hogs are tuuuuurrrrrribul, though.
    4. Tuuuuuuuuurrrribul.
    5. Only hung 42 on Cincinnati? Ewwww.
    6. If they do not score 700 on Syracuse, they should drop out of the Top 85.
    7. That Ehlinger kid is going to play on Sunday.
    8. 253.6 is not a bad QB rating.
    9. I haven't watched them play, but I have the game recorded. Watch? Yes or no?
    10. Utterly sick of those morons. Make them go away.

    Dude, this is the highlight of my week!!!

  2. Paul, you should write your own SMQ. It would be WAY much better than this crap I'm spewing.

    Ehrlinger is gonna play on Sunday for sure. Clemson is a BEAST. The fAggies ain't 'cuse. I will predict 62, and they should not be penalized in the polls for giving mercy.

    The Klan just really sucks a little bit less than the Hawgz...I don't know if they were trying to eclipse terribleness, but they did, maybe even despite themselves.

  3. Naw man, SMQ is a completely owned Andy Thing. You rock the SMQ.

  4. Replies
    1. Do you mean because you and your wife drove right by my house and didn't let me know? Yeah.

      If you mean because of SMQ? Naw, you ain't no suck.


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