Friday, September 6, 2019


Hey y'all, don't be getting your hopes up that this will be a regular thing...but a MAN keeps his promises, and I promised I would keep a sharp eye on Slippery Rock, because I had high hopes.  We played last night...on my 60th birthday...and I could not be more pleased with the results.

The Rock Raiders did not let us down.  The Rock crushed Wayne State 62-37...and there were over 3,700 fans in the stands to watch the murder of Wayne State (WARRIORS...nyuk...I'm surprised the NCAA hasn't make them change their name to something like Eagles...oh wait, that is an endangered species, so it will never happen...but WARRIORS  are connected to Injuns, so...where does poor Wayne State go from here?  I am quite sure when the NCAA forces them to change their name, they will probably hold a campus-wide vote, and come up with something really wussy like...well, I don't know...maybe Crimson Tide? ").

Serves 'em right too, for daring to put Slippery Rock on the schedule!

My beloved Rock was just completely awesome!

My new favorite small college's a LONG story that I may share one day that has to do with my beloved Granddaddy who passed in 1981, has kicked butt!  

Just a little trash-talkin'...Eat our dust Shippensburg!  We got y'all on Sattidy' night, and you will rue the day that you scheduled us!  Trust me, you will.  And y'all must know that I was the first one to tell y'all.  Maybe the only one, know...but it's gonna be bad.

Really bad.


  1. I literally do not know any of the teams on their schedule. Do they play nothing but European teams?

  2. Paul, as far as I know they only play in 'Murica. There are a lot of girls on our opponents' sports web pages on the worldwide computer...mostly like volleyball, and tennis. BUT...they are cute girls, so I guess it is worth going to beat the 11 men that go to our opponents' collij.

    What I like is our home games where we get 3,500 fans to cheer us on big time (not an easy thing to do, and we have worked our program hard to make that happen).

    We are gonna' just annihilate Shippensburg on Sattidy. Remember that I told y'all first.


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