Sunday, September 1, 2019

SUNDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK (SMQ) back by popular demand

Thank the good Lord up above, College Football has finally returned!  It is a great relief to me in the intense heat to have something to actually look at on the TeeVee in the AC.

I know y'all share my joy...

I have been coaxed in to trying another shot at SMQ.  So, when I write "by popular demand," it really just means that the one guy that liked it suggested it (he might not have really liked it, but is just a guy that likes to encourage anybody, no matter how bad they are at sumpin').

Let's get on with it...

My takeaways from Week 1 of collij football...

1)  Unfortunately, Florida Atlantic University will not retain their National Championship. 

Lane Kiffins' Owls lost right out of the box to the meager Buckfries.  HA! 

How wuss....  I mean...they must have all had the flu or something, because as the reigning National Champions I personally thought they would come out and kick Buckfries! 

I thought at the end of last season when FAU claimed the National Championship that all those sun-drenched lizards must be just as crazy as Lane Kiffin.  But, after pondering it for a long, long time, I finally realized, and said to myself, "Andy, you're right."

I will give them that they did score 21 purnts agin' that worthless program in Columbus.  But as our good Buddy Two Dogs said, we won't really know how bad they are until they quit scheduling the Big 10 as warm-ups, and actually try the SEC.  I mean, if they had any guts they would schedule Vandy, or Arkansas...or maybe even Ole' Miss.

2)  Ole Miss sucks. 

Don't get me wrong...The Rebels faced a very tough Memphis squad (that Taylor Kid from Memphis is spooky good) from the American Conference, in the hostile environment of a football stadium.  But, I think Matt Luke forgot to show the Smiley Bears their standard pregame slide-show entitled "WHAT IS AN END ZONE?" in the locker room before heading out to the hostile environment of a football stadium.

3)  'Bama is not all that great.  

Sure they killed Duke, but I saw a zillion flaws.  Nick is losing his edge.  Just sayin'.  Sure, the commentators were all like, "well just wait until so-and-so gets in there, and it'll all change, yada yada."  But there is just something not cohesive that is the trademark of a Saban team.

The Tide can be beat.  Maybe twice this season.  (Remember I told y'all that first).


4) Boise State might be the next Imaginary National Champion.

The Broncos might actually run the table after defeating Flarda' State.  Looking at their schedule, I don't think any opponent can take them down.   Unless they all have influenza like Lanes' boys from FAU did against standing trees, they will run the table.

They have my wishes, and prayers to end up undefeated, and we will have to hear them bitch once again like we did a decade ago again about how "we can't get no respect...we can't get to the big dance...we could kill Clemson if we just had a chance, etc."

Schedule 'em.  And find out..

5) My beloved LSU Tigers might actually have a shot. 

Seriously.  We started the season ranked #6 in many preseason guesses.  As a life-long fan I have learned to distrust any poll that ranks LSU Under #20.  However...even though it was only Georgia Southern (those boys tried hard), I saw something I've never seen in LSU football, even when King Nick ran the show and was a National Champeen.

It is a complex offense.  Our D has always rocked, and has been almost impossible for everybody except for Nick to figure out.

I just hope that Corch O didn't play all his cards against Georgia Southern, so everybody will now know.

I have a feeling he didn't.

6) Slippery Rock still plays football.  

I have high hopes for The Rock this season.  I will be following with a sharp eye.  

Don't bother to thank me.





  1. I have a young cousin playing football for Southeastern Louisiana University. Is there really such a place?

  2. Hey, Lou, SE La certainly exists. They'll play Ole Miss on September 14th this year if you want to watch them play.

    Andy, I looked through Slippery Rock's schedule and I can't admit that I know any of those teams. I mean as I literally have never heard of any of those teams. Literally.

    The wife says that Ole Miss is awesomatic, but they might not win the National Championship this year. That remains to be seen. The Bearshark fans are somewhat delusional, as in totally, completely, absolutely insane.

    All that said, if we have to hear anything about Boise State again ever, I am going to personally fly down to Tallahassee and beat Willie Taggart all amongst his Deliverance-style peanut-shaped head and fire him myself.

  3. So glad you're back Andy. You would be the world's greatest sports blogger if you just realized how great Vandy is. I know Georgia whupped them big time but the Dore's are only gettin' warmed up. Just you wait....
    Googolossia's got the wrong pitcher of me, it's your old pal Dapper Dan. Hope you're doing well.


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