Friday, February 29, 2008


I have always noticed the great similarity of "Bill and Hillary," and "Ahab and Jezebel." If you don't know the story of Ahab and Jezebel from the Bible, I'll give you a short shot of it.

Ahab was one of the most powerful kings of Northern Israel, yet one of the most corrupt. He married Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal (King of Sidonia) in order to consolidate his power, and to exclude enemies. Even though he was powerful in war, he was weak in his personal life. Due to the influence of Jezebel, he established temples to "Baal." (That's the devil, if you don't know). Ahab was killed in battle in an unusual way. He had all his armor on, but a stray arrow caught him right between the joint in his breastplate...I guess it was his "time to go."

Jezebel fancied herself as "Baals' gift to mankind." Poor old Jezzie met an even more unique fate. When Jehu came riding into Jezreel, Jezzie had heard about it. So, she decided to make herself really attractive. She painted up her face...put on her "big eye" makeup, and looked out the window to "entice" old Jehu.

Well, Jehu was not impressed at all. He hollered up to the tower where she was looking out the window and asked "Who is with me?" Well, evidently two or three eunuchs were "with him." They picked that witch up and chunked her out the window of the tower. There are a whole lot of lessons that can be learned from this story about controlling women, weak men, girlie-men, slaves, servants, stray arrows, and pride and vanity. But I'm not going into all of those.

But I do see with all the chaos in my man Hillarys' campaign a similarity. And it makes me wonder if Hillary has not emasculated everyone around her to the point that the eunuchs have thrown her from the tower. I know that Hillarys' eunuchs are getting paid for what they do, but I do wonder if Harold Ickes, and Mark Penn, and the rest of Hillarys' crowd aren't secretly happy that Hillary is getting a taste of her own medicine.

Most of us have worked for a boss that we didn't like. But could you imagine working for her? Could you imagine the poster girl for "control freaks" as your boss?

I just have a sneaking suspicion that Hillarys' campaign folks have let her down on purpose...that the eunuchs have thrown her from the tower.

Here are a couple of articles about the trouble in paradise.

Quotes: With a week to go before climactic tests in Texas and Ohio, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign team has slipped into full recriminations mode.

Looking backward, interviews with a cross-section of campaign aides and sympathetic outsiders suggest a team consumed with frustration and finger-pointing about the apparent failure of several recent tactical moves against Barack Obama.


Quotes: HANGING ROCK, Ohio - While Hillary Clinton wages the fight of her political life, her campaign architects are at war trying to save their reputations.

The blame game between chief strategist Mark Penn and her top political svengali, Harold Ickes, has burst into the open as Clinton's poll numbers plunge.


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