Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wisdom from a tombrock...

Okay, I know that most folks would call it a "tombstone," but my beloved Tarheel Granddaddy always called it a "tombrock," so in his honor I did.

My old, retired four times, buddy in Florida (also an ooooooollllllddddd Tarheel), Cowdad, sent me these photos. From the photos, I'm assuming that the Grigsby fellow taking the dirt nap snored off in 1890. And, I'm assuming that he was 78 years old when he drifted off. And, that he was a Second Lieutenant in the Indiana Cavalry.

And, (when you get to the third photo) that he might even be called a "Prophet" for the 21st Century.

I started to "Snopes it out," to make sure that this is not some hoax. But I didn't. Because I. Don't. Care.

It gave me a chuckle...


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?