Friday, December 11, 2009

Equal time...

Hi y'all!

Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Yesterday, I made sport of the PisS U danceline/cheering gals. Well, it seems that I have been chastised by Walt, so I figured I'd give "equal time." I reckon you could call this a "guest post."

"Geez man, that was a low blow to Penn State. Here is a picture of some of their gals. Remember it's cold up there so they wear a few more clothes. But also notice that there is a lot less hair dye, a more natural look, and they don't look like they are 30 years old. I think some of them Southern Gals are making a career out of college cheering! Also, please note that the Penn State gals have an average 3.36 GPA. Kind of doubt that the Bama Gals have those kinds of grades.... unless..."

I just report. Y'all can decide...


  1. Now why would a cut bunch of gals from Penn State wear so many clothes when on a beach. they is a guy in the background in a swim suit. They are a cute bunch. There was a joke about K-State installing astroturf to keep their cheer leaders from grazing at halftime. MUD

  2. MUD, that wasn't a beach before those girls started grazing. And thank goodness they are wearing a bunch of clothes. Who in mortal Hell would want to look at a bunch of Penn State cheerleaders.

    By the way, do the marginal research needed to find the majors of those Penn State gals. WOW! Education! My son took the teacher's qualification exam at age 14 or 15 and passed it. The pass rate for education majors was 62%. They would have to modify the grading system if I went to Ed School.

  3. Just curious... How does what appears to be crazy, competition makeup with glittery junk all around the eyes equal a more natural look? Glitter... Natural... Hmmm, I wouldn't put those two things together.


  4. I've been to State College, PA in the winter and this picture HAS to be photoshopped! A little sand inside somewhere on campus and presto! Plus, there ain't no real beaches in PA......

  5. So, the verdict is in. PisS U cheerleaders need to remain covered at all times, stop turning pasture land into oceans, remove all bobbie pins, put on some real makeup instead of the face-painting from the county fair, and try to get accepted at a REAL University.

    And just as a side note, it looks like a couple of 'em in the front row could play linebacker at USC.

  6. Andy, that might help out a PAC-10 defense to have some Penn State cheerleaders on the team. Danged, those PAC-10 teams suck on defense.


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