Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrate the coming of "The Prince of Peace" with a war!...

...A "marshmallow war."

Looking for something fun to do on Christmas Day, as you gather with family & friends? Well, I got an idear for you!

About 5 years ago, my older brother showed up for Christmas at Momma & Daddy's with one of the most fun things I'd seen. They brought about a dozen "marshmallow guns" that my brother had made. They brought enough for all the kids (kids meaning anyone between 6 & 60) that wanted to play.

You shoulda seen us 40 & 50-somethings rolling around in the floor, hiding behind couches, chairs...stealthily ducking into doorways to avoid incoming marshmallow fire. It was a hoot!

We're gonna have a lot of people around Andy's Place this Christmas for a I've got me a big "marshmallow war" planned. And, you can too. Trust me, you'll enjoy it. Trust me.

You'll have to make some "marshmallow guns." This will be quite possibly the cheapest fun you've ever had except for that time you found the peephole to the girl's locker room back in Junior High, but I digress.

To make a marshmallow gun, you will need:

a) One stick 1/2" pvc pipe

b) Two 1/2" pvc T's

c) One 1/2" pvc elbow

d) Two 1/2" pvc caps

The whole mess should cost you about 3 bucks...maybe not that much.

Cut the pvc pipe into:

1 - 10" length for the end of the barrel

1 - 8" length to extend the barrel back to the mouthpiece

2 - 4" lengths for the handles

1 - 5" length for the mouthpiece

1 - 2" length to attach the barrel to the mouthpiece

You can use a simple hacksaw to cut the pvc pipe. I use my handy dandy ratcheting pvc cutter. I have one...well, was cool, and I wanted one.

Then use the T's, elbows, and caps to assemble the gun. Do not be a dufus and use pvc glue. Just press the pieces together, so that you can take it apart later to fix an air conditioning drain or something.

Here you see the completed "simple marshmallow gun."

You're a sharp crowd, so I think you can handle the assembly without step-by-step instructions. (you can, can't ya'?)

If you're more of a "hand gun" type, you can drop some of the pieces and make a "marshmallow pistol."

Be creative! Be creative, I tell ya'! I've seen some marshmallow gun manufacturers get fancy by extending below the mouthpiece...building a "stock" from pipe & elbows. But just be sure to cap off everything except the barrel & mouthpiece. (In fact, if you build a fancy one, e-mail me a picture, and we'll post it up on the computer for other, less creative readers.)

You can also paint your marshmallow gun. I'm gonna make a half dozen, or so, and I'm thinking of going with "camo" this year...ya' the spirit of "peace."

Now, when you're finished, go to WalMart, or the dollar store & buy the cheapest marshmallows that they sell. Don't be an idiot and buy the big ones...or equally stupid and buy those tiny little things...just the regular small marshmallows that will fit into the end of the barrel.

Just poke a marshmallow in the end of the barrel, and blow as hard as you can on the mouthpiece. You'll be surprised at how amazingly accurate these things are. Personally, I can fire one up to about 30 feet with accuracy. Man...was it ever fun smacking my baby brother in the eyeball with a marshmallow as he took aim on Momma! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Aaaaahhhh...good times.

These things are good for fun at most any occasion. Birthday parties, Super Bowl parties, funerals, etc.

Give it a rip this Christmas. As I said, it's some of the cheapest fun you'll have (at any age).


  1. Several years ago I was really involved in a singles Sunday school class where the guys and girls went on separate retreats. The guys had theirs first, and what did the girls do for them? Sent them off with tons of baked goodies. The girls retreat comes around, and of course non of the guys bake, so what do they do? They make us all marshmallow guns and send us off with loads of marshmallows. We had so much fun, especially surprising the girls who came late and didn't know we had them! Ours were even decorated. They got blue electrical tape and wrapped it around the pipe every where but on the joints. I still have mine!


  2. Hi DeAnna!

    Yes girl, it is a hoot! Everybody should have at least one good marshmallow war in their lifetime.

  3. LOL...I have never been in a marshmallow war. And unforts, it won't happen this Christmas, either (I'll be at work both Eve and Xmas Days, so the family will gather widdout me).

    But perhaps it's best I not do that even at home. After all, my pet rock, Seymour, and the 12" Christmas tree I got for Seymour, are having a 'war' of their own, and it's starting to get ugly. Seymour called the tree "a pine beetle prostitute", and the tree called Seymour "catbox gravel".

    A war's brewing h'yar...

  4. I had to buy two of these things this year! One for my aunt and one for my son. I'm not sure who will do more damage...


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