Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take two seconds...

...and help my cousin's friend win something.

No registration...no nothin'!

As an experiment, I'd like to see if all four million of you that visit Andy's Place can "Move The Chain," and help in an online vote for "Triathlete Widow of the Year." I think that's like a "golf widow," except that she's married to a really fit guy...not somebody that smokes cigars, drinks beer, and rides around in a cart all day.

Go here, and vote for Janet.

Thanks y'all! I'll be interested to see how far we can push the ball by tomorrow.

(I just love helpin' cheatin' cheaters cheat in online vote stuff...)


  1. ...not somebody that smokes cigars, drinks beer, and rides around in a cart all day.

    Hey! You're gettin' awful close to home here, what with implying two of my favorite activities aren't Good Things (which they ARE). If you'd said "and rides around on his mo'sickle a lot" I WOULD have taken this personally. ;-)

  2. You: What? Back so soon?

    Me: Yep. Only to tell ya that after I voted it's a dead heat between Janet and this Jennifer person 236 - 236. Good thing I voted, cause Janet would be losing now if I hadn't.

    You: Thanks!

    Me: You're welcome. This calls for a cigar!

  3. Well Buck...we're movin' the ball. We were behind by 8 votes when I posted this.

    I'm sure Janet will appreshunate yo' hep! (Whoever Janet is?)

    So...LIGHT 'ER UP! It's 1:00, isn't it?

  4. Heh. You can vote more than once, I see. But Janet (Hey! I thought you knew her! Am I just a cog in some devious social-experiment wheel?) is behind by eight as I type...


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