Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am an idiot...

Okay, a couple of days ago, I advised y'all on how to make "Marshmallow Guns" for celebrating Christmas.

I had told y'all to buy 3/4" pvc to manufacture your pvc guns.

Eldest son went to Lowe's today to get the equipment necessary. He got back, and said "Dad, I think we should have bought 1/2" pvc. This stuff looks way too big...not like I remember."

Crud...he's right. It's supposed to be 1/2 " pvc...



  1. Who went and bought it?

    Who is the idiot?

  2. Paul, I handed him the list.

    I am the idiot.

  3. "Deddy, this looks way too big..."

    And he bought it anyway. You woulda caught it at Lowe's. Quit covering up for them dumb kids. Get a belt.

  4. So why can't you just by those monster marshmallows you warned us about and build a marshmallow bazooka?

  5. Paul...he takes orders well. Regardless of how idiotic they are.

    Cosmic...you just might be on to something. I'm gonna study on that overnight. I might just secretly make a bazooka, and clean everybody's clock come Christmas morning.

    But don't tell anybody...

  6. Do I sense an arms race brewing? Next thing ya know it'll be all compressed air fittings, modified SCUBA tanks, hoses, and such... pillows won't be far behind the marshmallows, and your living room will be a wasteland. Oh, The Horror! The Horror!


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