Sunday, December 13, 2009

What to do? What to do? What to do???

Got a situation on my hands that I just can't quite decide what to do about...

I have kicked myself in the butt over this very same situation for a few years now.

My head tells me one thing. My heart tells me another. The right thing has gotta be somewhere in between...



Don't you just hate it when you are confronted with a test of your beliefs, faith, humanity, compassion...then mean ol' Mr. Experience rears his ugly head?



  1. I'm fond of "the easy way out," myself. But it's hardly... if ever... correct. Good luck with your dilemma, Andy.

  2. Yeah, I hear ya'! Kindred spirits. But as you note...that way hasn't worked out too good...

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Good luck with your mystery situation Andy. I'm not very good at the head vs. heart stuff myself. My experience has been that sometimes there is no right choice and you just have to do the thing that lets you sleep best.

  4. Andy, at this point in the decision making process, you have to take Mr. Miyagi's advice. Karate, you do? Okay. Karate, you don't? Okay. Karate, maybe? Squish.

  5. Thanks guys, one and all. Actually, you last two guys know a good bit about it...not such a mystery, really.

    Good advisement fellows. I appreciate you all more than you know.

  6. Andy,

    It is your problem, yes.

    At the same time it isn't your problem.

    That is the problem...

    You can only support, not really decide. That leaves you feeling helpless.

    Answer truthfully but compassionately if asked. Answer not if not.

    Support always and unconditionally.

    Just being there and offering your love is the best you can do. And, that is quite a lot.

  7. Walt, you're right. I feel helpless. That IS the problem.

  8. Stop and think about it. You are the product of a good education, more experience than average and enough money to eat at the next meal. Using your brain, find all the alternatives and rank order them. First list easy to hard. Second list cheap to expensive. Third wrong to right. Then add "do nothing" to the lists and make your best choice. The good news is that most of us really don't have to make choices like these often. Good Luck. MUD
    PS - If it a relative asking for money, my choice is to look at it from the side of - can I asfford to give it as a gift and walk away. Most of the time it will result in a loss and if you make it a gift up front, you won't be disappointed.

  9. Always remember, too, that violence is sometimes the best answer.

  10. Thanks for the reminder, Paul. I'll have to get The Mrs. on that one...

    And MUD, thanks for the list idea.

  11. I don't know what the problem is, but Paul seems to think that having your identity going around karate-ing things, and using a credit card as a weapon, might get results.

    Dunno how to argue that one (nor will I try, watching a pet rock and a 12" Xmas tree berate each other in another chapter of my absurd life), but I reckon in reading you for a period of time, you've got the wisdom and good sense to reason through to a just solution.

    My two cents' worth.


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