Sunday, December 13, 2009

Behind on my reading...

Hi y'all! Good Sunday Morning!

I have been some bizzzeeee! Eldest son got in early evening last night. He looks good. Looking forward to a great time the next few weeks.

I had forgotten to tell y'all that my beloved Tribe, of William & Mary was knocked out of the FCS playoffs on Friday night. Crap! We wuz robbed! I watched that game against the cheating cheaters of Villanova. And, I'll tell y'all, they had the stinkin' cheating refs in their pocket on that one. Bunch of stinkin' cheaters...

One thing the FCS playoffs teaches us is that when/if the big boys ever start a playoff system to determine a national champion, it's all gotta be "neutral field." Use the current bowl games, and ALL neutral fields, so that nobody can get screwed by the cheating refs like my Tribe did.

Well, whatcha' gonna' do? Good season Tribe! One stinkin' point away from the championship...y'all should be proud of your great season.

Stinkin' 'Nova cheaters...

I'm trying to do my catch-up reading. Look what can happen if you don't read much for a couple of days...

So, I'm back at it. I'm wading through all these blog posts and news stories this morning. If I find something interesting, I'll share it. If not, I'll just write out something real dull and original.

Y'all have a great Sunday!


  1. It makes me smile that you like Pop Warner footbaw, too. However, I miss Sunday Morning Quarterback.

    Punch the boy in the arm for me, Andy.

  2. Dang, dang, DANG! The Tribe is out? That tears it...the BsCS is officially bankrupt, bereft of it's authenticity, and is thereby null and void.

    The ONLY WAY this can be redressed is for William & Mary to face The Bammans in January.'s as authentic a #1 as Barry's noballs prize.

    I expect the BsCS will move to fix this mondo gaffe with expedience.

  3. Yeah Skunks, they screwed us out of the win...cheatin' refs, and cheatin' 'Nova.

    BTW, you do know that William & Mary had scheduled LSU for opening game next season...but it got scuttled due to LSU being invited to the Kickoff Classic. Our Tribe is good.

    I hope we can schedule another D1 opponent to crank it up in 2010.


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