Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wouldn't a warm, sunny beach be nice about now?

Walt has been reading this pitiful little blog since Day 1, and is a valued relative, friend, and contributor.

Over these many years, he has heard me say (or read me type) probably no less than 4 million times that I. HATE. COLD. WEATHER!

He knows how much I love the sunshine, the beach, and all things 80 & above.

So, in an almost cruel act, he sent me a photo that really made me pine for el calor del sol.

I love him, and he knows I do, but sometimes Walt can be awfully cruel...


  1. I had a wallet that looked like that . I think I left it in the sun too long. MUD

  2. I'm tempted to call P-Shop... but it's a good P-Shop!

  3. Yeah Buck, I almost threw the PS flag on that one myself.

    But, I have seen some old lizard broads on the beach at Gulf Shores that are pretty dang close.

    Stay warm!

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