Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogsperiment conclusion...

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I thought I should share with y'all the conclusions of my blogsperiment I tried yesterday. My buddy, CosmicConservative had gone from something like 600 hits a day to something like 6,000 hits on a single day in an Instalanche.

What had happened is that he had posted this picture...

...and got linked to by Instapundit, which sent his blog traffic through the roof. So, as a blogsperiment, I decided to copy what Cosmic had done. Really, I did it more as a joke than anything. Even if it was a pretty lame joke, I was bored and did it anyway, but I digress.

So, at the risk of humiliating myself in front of all bloggers on the world-wide computer, these are my 7 day results from Sitemeter. Note that I posted that very same photo yesterday (If you are from Arkansas...that would be Sunday, Jan. 3...2010. It's 2010 now ya' know. Really, it is. We had us a new year and everything! Really! You can take a bath now!).

The daily traffic shows no significant change. We may even be off a bit from last Sunday, but I don't care enough to check.

So, the conclusion is this:

When it comes to getting really huge traffic to your blog, it's not what pictures you put up on the computer...makes no difference at all. (well maybe, if you put up a lot of pictures of naked women and all, but that's a whole different deal)

And, it's not "who you know." Heck, I know a lot of people (and the ones I know, I love and appreciate...mostly).

The deal on getting big blog traffic is "who knows you." I mean, it could have just as easily been you or me that posted that acrobatic contortionist archer lady picture. But somebody knew Cosmic...somebody with world-wide fame on the world-wide computer. Somebody was looking...watching...laying in wait for just the right moment to Instalanche the boy!

So, that's the conclusion. Now that Cosmic is world famous on the computer, I'll tell Bart to make Cosmic pick up the ticket at breakfast next Thanksgiving Holiday. I sure ain't paying...not with a stinkin' 96 hits a day. Heck no!

It's "who knows you." Words to live by my friends...words of truth!


  1. Sigh. Apparently no one of any import knows me. Or I'm boring. Probably the latter. ;-)

  2. Heh... It's not that the Instapundit "knows" me, it's that on my post I said I had followed an Instapundit link and that's what led to the image. Either Glen googles his own blog name, or else other people email him when they think something is of interest to him. One thing I have learned about most of the top bloggers is that they all seem to have a healthy amount of self-regard.

    I get about 600 - 700 hits a day on most days. I've had links from other sites than Instapundit and have had similar hit spikes in the past. But about 80% of my hits are from people searching for photos of some of the females I've posted, most notably Angie Dickinson. I get a couple hundred hits each day from people searching on variations of "Angie Dickinson". The vast majority of those hits look at the photo and leave. It's very rare that anyone goes to any other post.

    When I first started blogging I was on the blog hamster wheel, I was posting dozens of posts per day, and I was watching google and technorati and other blog search engines to see what I should post on for the day to maximize my search results. I managed to get my blog pretty far up in the blog rankings (relatively) but it was not me. I was forcing it and eventually I decided that I didn't start blogging to challenge Instapundit, I started blogging to give me an outlet for my commentary and a chance to save that for posterity. I'm just egotistical enough to think that someday my kids will read through my blog as a sort of archeology of my life. That's a major reason I started the "True Life Stories" posts. I'm mostly doing that stuff for them. Or so I tell myself.

  3. I don't track my hits vs misses...I just know I ain't sunk yet.

    *ducking boos and throwd site meters*


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