Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday junk...not much going on at Andy's Place...

Winter in Louisiana...

Psyche! Naw, that's not really winter in Louisiana. I will stick to my commitment, and not bitch about the cold weather any more. But dangit, I'm a...oh, never mind. There were ice pellets on #4 son's new trampoline this morning, but it's clearing off now. Good!

Our low is only forecast to be 20 above tonight. I think it was MUD (a Kansan) that wrote a few days ago, "Happy Damn New Year, Al!" Ditto, MUD...

I don't really have much today to tell y'all about, but there are a couple of goodies over at Every Day Should Be Saturday. One is "Cincy proudly accepts 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl!" The other is a video that trashes the BCS, put together by John Radcliff, and LSU Freek! Check 'em out, if you want to. Or not, if you don't want to.

The Mrs. and I have been in our current business for 9 years now. In our business, we do a lot of shipping. In fact, we passed our 6,000th shipment this morning. And, of those 6,000 shipments, each and every one have been handled by the United States Postal Service.

Yeah, yeah, I know...lots of shippers use UPS, FedEx, or something else. But, we have always had excellent results using the USPS. We have made shipments to every State in the Union, Canada (got lots of customers in Canada), Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan (we do a lot of business in Asia), Australia...and a bunch of other countries.

I was thinking back this morning over these last 9 years, and I can only remember two or three problems we have had with customers receiving their shipments...and those were due to either customer errors, or ours. Not a bad track record.

Almost all of those shipments have been made by "Priority Mail." In my business, I buy a lot of boxes. I buy them by the hundreds. In fact, while I'm giving out free pub, I may as well direct you to my box/shipping supply folks. If you ever have need for shipping supplies, the folks at U-Line can not be topped for price, customer service, and just being good folks.

But, I don't buy all of my boxes. No, the US Postal Service will give you free boxes to be shipped by Priority Mail. They don't have "free" boxes that are the correct size for all of my shipments, but I do take advantage of a few. (I'm going somewhere with this...hang with me).

I always get tickled when I get ready to use a Priority Mail box. What makes me giggle is the fact that the USPS feels the need to provide instructions on how to use their box., who, other than an imbecile (who has no business shipping anything anyway), does not know how to use a box?

If you think I'm kidding, here are the instructions for using a Priority Mail free box.

But, you see, they messed up on their instructions. Sure, they told the moron to be sure and buy some postage, and address it, and then take it to the post office. But, they forgot important previous steps, like "Get you some tape before you start," and "Be sure and put your junk in it," and "Don't poke your eye out with those scissors, or nothin'."

Jeepers, how stupid are people? Don't bother to answer that. I already know. And, what really astounds me about the instructions on the Priority Mail box is that there is not a sign of Spanish on it anywhere. That's just wrong...I mean, illegals mail junk, too. Don't they? Sure they do. They deserve to be instructed as to how to use a box every bit as much as English speakers!

Just sayin'...

Well, that's all the junk I've got today. I'm sure that you are just thrilled that you read all the way to the end. Don't bother to thank me...

Y'all have a good what's left of the day. I'm gonna watch TCU/Boise predictions, but I saw Boise almost get beat by Louisiana, keep that in mind if you're laying money on the game.

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  1. ...there is not a sign of Spanish on it anywhere.

    Give 'em time. The Associate Assistant Director of Political Correctness at USPS just hasn't got around to it. Yet.

    Heh. Do you know how many times I've had to resist the VERY strong impulse to smash screens at self-check out lanes, ATMs and sundry other places when I'm forced to chose Between Spanish and English? Don't answer that...


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