Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hee-Hawin' with my boy...

I talked to #2 son last night.  Yesterday was his 27th birthday, and luckily I caught him at home, just chilling out for the evening.  I haven't told y'all much about Ross.  He lives WAY TOO FAR off, in Columbus stinkin' Ohio, and is a Buckeye fan.  Sigh...

Ross is the sweetest, most decent, kind, loyal, and loving human you'll ever come across.  He has not one mean bone in his body, and never has.  He is everybody's "best friend," and they could make a TV show called, "Everybody Loves Ross."  It would a reality show.  In the "nature vs. nurture" argument, I'd have to give a solid "nature" vote on Ross.  He got here that way!

The Mrs. and I always say that we "marked him."  We named him after my favorite Great Uncle, Ross (God rest his sweet soul).  Our Ross is the living image of my Great Uncle.  Just as decent...and just as quirky.  And, Ross is as funny as all get out!

From his earliest days, he could spout comedy routines that he had heard...which always evoked good "Hee-Hawin' " sessions between me and him.  Last night was one such time.  It brought back good memories.  Somehow we got off on talking about Columbus, and Ross broke out into one our favorite old corny, hokie comedy routines.

We ham-boned back and forth, until we got it all remembered.  Man, I miss that boy man!  It was late, so I waited until this morning, and found it on The YouTube.

This may not be as funny to y'all as it is to me.  But, every time I hear it, it gives me warm feelings...and very good memories.  If y'all still have kids at home, don't take one moment for granted.  They're gone too quick...

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  1. "Ah 'pree-ceeate it!"

    Used to be part of my everyday vernacular, once upon a time.

    Speaking of comedy routines... I used to work with a guy who memorized Firesign Theatre routines. He would drive me crazy with his danged non-sequitur replies to things I said...


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