Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's time for a serious post at Andy's Place!


(Cool picture, huh?)
You don't see something like that every day, do ya'?  I mean, how long has it been since you've seen a guy in a Pizza Hut cook's apron with handcuffs hanging out of his face?

It's been a good long while, I'll betcha'!   

So, since I got nothin', and there are plenty of folks that handle "serious" much better than I do, I'm going to pose a question to others that maintain a blog.  (But not only to those that do.)

Oh, don't get me wrong, I've got plenty of junk that is intensely interesting to me, but y'all don't want to clog up your Humpday afternoon pipes reading that foolishness.

Oh heck, I'll probably go ahead on and post it all later be prepared to ignore any later posts today (or tomorrow), but what else is new???

So, here comes my kwerschun!  Have you ever experienced something like this...and what do you think about it?

I was over at a blog that I have been reading for a good while last night. I have never commented on said blog until last night.  It seems that someone has assumed my online identity, and posts under the name, "Andy."  Can you believe that?  There are actually two "Andys" out there that use the worldwide computer!!!

Yep, another Andy posts at The Dipso Chronicles.

Let me 'splain the situation.  The Other Andy had posted a video of  "Neon Lights" in some city which shall remain nameless.  I understood from reading Buck's blog that this was a WAY COOL video that he had snagged from The Other Andy, and I wanted to watch it.  I tried several times during the day to watch it, but it never would load up for me.

The last time I went back to give it another rip, it had been taken down, along with a note that read (paraphrasing), "I've taken this video down, because the world-class jackass that recorded it made it perfectly clear as to just how gargantuan a jackass he is."

Well, this piqued my interest...

So, I went back over to the blog that started all the ruckus by posting it, (that other Andy guy)  for further entertainment.  It seems that the fellow that shot the video had got his/her thong in a wad because Andy & Buck had posted his/her work without "asking permission."  Pansy!

 Now, it must be understood that this video had been posted by the character that shot it, along with an "embed code" (if you don't publish a blog, or don't know...that's the deal you copy to put a video up for publication on a blog, or any computer page).  It is generally understood that if someone publishes a video with an "embed code," that it's offered by the producer for general use/enjoyment/entertainment/yada yada yada of the public.  And, as I understand it the guy/gal/it/whatever that did this work advertised his site on the video itself.

This is common.  Someone will put together a video, upload it to The YouTube, or some other video host, and tag it with their web address.  It is S.O.P.

But, this Christopher Somebody was all bent out of shape because nobody asked him ahead of time whether they could use his "intellectual property" on their blog.  I had NEVER seen anything like that.  Now, ONCE...actually the time that Andy's Place experienced an Instalanche, I had posted a long list of survival books that were available for free download.  That list came to me in a computer letter, with no original "sourcing."  I just published it, and was informed (quite politely, I might add) of the original source in the comments.  I was quick to edit that post, and include the original source.  That's what we call "etikit." 

As regular visitors to Andy's Place know, we are an "image heavy" spot on the net.  We use a lot of images, and quite a few videos.  In my 50 years of blogging, I have ALWAYS acknowledged sources, unless I can't remember where I stole something from.  For instance...handcuff-face up there at the top of this post...I have no idea where I got that picture from.  It may have come in a computer letter, or I may have just happened across it in an image search...or I could have stolen it directly from you!  I just can't remember!!!

Back to this Christopher character... As I read the comments by this spitwad, I was truly astounded.  I can not imagine the stones necessary to pitch a bitch at someone that had "admiringly" posted a work that was obviously let out for general use (and for promotion of one's own work).  I won't go into the details of all the comments (btw, that other Andy guy took the post down...and he had good reasons for it, as I learned directly from him...y'all ought to view his blog...seems like a really decent Joe), but suffice it to say that it was a "first time" for me.

It is general www. etiquette to acknowledge with "thanks" when someone links to your site, or passes your work along (personally, I discourage it...if I link to something it's because I like it, and want to share it with all 14 of y'all...and the "thanks" belongs to the publisher), not throw a shoe at someone giving you free pub'.  In fact, I have often received very nice "Thankee" notes from others for posting, and admiring their work.

So, I guess the question I'm asking is...

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah...

a)  Have you ever had your virtual chops busted like that?  b)  Would it ever even cross your mind to ask permission before admiringly posting the work of another?  c)  ummmm...well, dangit!!!...I forgot what "c" was supposed to be...maybe y'all can remind me.

That's all.


  1. No one ever pitched a hissy fit at Moogie. Well, at least on the blog! Maybe Christopher Somebody had just finished his tax return, or had eaten some bad mushrooms, or something else unpleasant and destined to render him a bit out of sorts.

    Or, maybe his Mama didn't rear him properly. This would seem to be the most likely.

    Dang -- I never did get to see that neon!

  2. "Have you ever had your virtual chops busted like that?"

    Not yet, but I'm blaming you anyway. -Sully

  3. When you put it on You Tube, you have the option to disable embedding. If you allow it, then PUBLIC DOMAIN. I'd tell him to stick it.
    As to the picture above, I know a few people in the area who would like to do me up like that . .

  4. Tanks for the kind words, Andy. Blogrolled ye be, even if'n you have a funny name.

  5. Yesterday's unpleasantness was a first for me. I've never met such an ingrate asshat in my life. Er, blogging life. The thing that chaps my ass? I made my admiration for Christopher's work quite clear, and then I get my ass kicked for doing so. Like I said: some people.

    PS: The Other Andy is good people and quite the wordsmith. A daily read.

  6. As the Italians say to the twatwaffle, abondanza fungula!


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