Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday morning of "YOU'RE A DIRTY ROTTEN EGG WEEK," and various other junk...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, I understand from some of my blog reads that we may not have the most perfect weather in the nation this weekend.  Some of y'all are just as dirty a rotten egg as I am.  Man, it is glorious, though!  My Japanese Magnolia is finally popping (about a month late...but we'll take it).  I'm sure gonna get out and enjoy it this afternoon, but there was some stuff I wanted to show y'all.

Images courtesy of Paul the Fireguy...

Pelosi, Obama, and Reid discuss reconciliation.  

 Obamacare passes. Now all us eggs are in the same pot.

Y'all can probably caption those better than I did, so feel free if you're a mind to.

I have had hundreds of three or four inquiries from friends far and wide about our local story that has hit the national news.  Bossier Parish (where I live) Sheriff, Larry Deen, has launched Operation Exodus.  Now, in a nutshell, what it is, is that he has recruited 200 civilians (mostly ex-Police & Deputies) to be trained as a provisional, backup force to restore, and keep order should a disaster, terrorist attack, or some type of civil unrest break out.

On it's face, it seems to me like a reasonable, even responsible thing to do.  Heck, I'd like to see a couple of thousand trained, armed, well-qualified responders ready to act in such a circumstance.  The threat of terrorism is real.  There is stuff at Barksdale AFB (about 1 mile from my house) that jihadists would love to destroy.

  The threat of tornadoes, floods, etc. is even more real.  In a major catastrophe, the Department would be stretched thin.  Having back-up citizens to protect neighborhoods from looting, protect grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. could only be a positive in my book.

Not to mention the fact that civil unrest is even more likely in the times in which we live...if you know what I mean.

What has caused the stir is the fact that this project is named "Exodus," and some of the moonbats, like the very ugly Rachel Maddow (who nobody watches, except for retarded moonbats) have gotten hold of this, and painted it to be some weird, creepy, militia that is being formed by a maniacal redneck southern Sheriff with visions of "doomsday" dancing in his noggin.  "They even have their own .50 caliber machine gun...(with her jackass "hee-haw" going)"

I was going to link to Maddow's report on it, but she is so butt ugly that your monitor might fry.  You can Gooble it, if you want to see a snorting snotrag liberal in action.  Here is a video released by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Dept.

At the blog that handles very well local issues, My Bossier, there has been quite a lively discussion amongst commentors.  (Y'all tell it "commenters," or "commentors?"  I get the danged red line under each one EVERY time I try to use that word!!!  But, I digress).  Some think it's ridiculous...others defend it.  In fact, a comment just came in as I was putting this post together (that's why I subscribe to follow-up comments) from one of the Exodus members:

...To the anon that stated the military would take care of itself if something of a terrorist nature happened at BAFB. You really believe the military can control the wind if a dirty bomb or worse is set off on that base? Are you really that ignorant and shortsighted? If something happens on BAFB the military is going to take care of the military. Why do you think civilians & low level military personnel can't get on the base when they are under a high threat level? Think people!!!

A panicked citizenry will do some stupid things just like a person that is drowning will fight off a rescuer. This is a preparation plan, this is not a redneck sheriff going power-mad.

Andy, you'll be glad to know that the 200 is just a starting place.

Personally, I like the idea of it.  Sheriff Deen may have erred in naming it something attached to The Bible, but, the mainstream mediatards would guffaw regardless.

And...I've got this video I'm dying to post.  I swiped it off of Basil.  When it started, I thought, "Naw...they're really not gonna do that, are they?"  Well, sure enough they did.  This is a real machine, that is really for sale.

Oh man...I giggled like a 6th grade girl at the skating rink!

I'm thinking I could buy one of these, and charge folks a dollar just to watch...

Well look, y'all have a blessed Saturday! I got a lot to do in this glorious Louisiana weather. 

I love y'all!  I mean it.


  1. Andy, thanks for the link. I didn't post the Rachel Maddow link for the same reason as you. My daughter called me and chewed me out about it anyway, 'just look at her haircut' etc, etc, 'who cares what she thinks' etc. etc.
    You know, basically what you said~
    I may need a kitty washing machine before this is all over to wash off the dodo that I stepped in.

  2. Jim, "...I may need a kitty washing machine before this is all over to wash off the dodo that I stepped in."

    I figured you had a permanent pile of that...nothing new, huh? Man, you really have a diverse bunch of readers, for sure...nyuk!

  3. I think the kitten enjoyed it. He looked to me like he was chasing the water drops...... but you know how they act, they would never admit it was fun.

  4. Kitty water boarding. Hope they got useful information.

  5. The Petards are gonna be ALL over ya now, Andy. Just you wait.

    I'm agnostic on Exodus. It's a good ideer and gives the Leftards something to bitch about. Life's been kinda hard for them since Dubya left.

  6. Had to laugh out loud. This graphically portrays why one should not attempt to bathe a kitty!

    Exodus sounds interesting -- I'm just not sure why he wanted to go public with it!

  7. fshafer, I think you're right. We should give all cats this very fun experience.

    Walt, I hope you are right...and, Bwahahahahahaha!

    Buck, I've grown so tired of PETArds that I've even quit acknowledging them. I've even noticed that nobody gives 'em much pencil lately...kinda like NOW...

    Moogie, some of the thinking is that Sheriff Deen went public with it as a warning to the Cretins that live across the Red River Bridge in Caddo Parish to stay on their side of the Red. There might be something to that.

  8. Andy, I am used to stepping into it. I will clarify, as I did in my comments, that I think training people in the community to help out in disasters is a great idea. In this instance, I do believe that someone should have told the sheriff that a biblical name might not be the best idea. Also, if the fellas call the thing the 'war wagon', they should have kept it to themselves. Nothing wrong with that until it comes out in print along with Muslim Terrorists and Operation Exodus. They created the perfect situation for critics. While you and I, being old Bossierites, may not care what people thing, in today's terms it is important. The Bossier of today is built on image, and it has already suffered from police and fire cuts and I fear it may suffer more.
    Hey, call it comments or whatever, I like blogging over here!

  9. Jim: Oh yeah, I gotcha'. I understood quite well your position on the whole thing.

    I did not necessarily disagree. "Under the radar" (as Moogie noted) may have been a better way to go. Then again, I like the idea that the bad guys know in advance that our Parish is armed, and ready.

    When I was a very young man, Ira Harbuck (God rest his soul) once told me that Bonnie & Clyde would not dare come into Bossier Parish because we had such a bad-ass Sheriff. Ira didn't lie...and he was there. I think Steve Norris (George Dement's father-in-law) might have been the Sheriff at that time, but don't quote me...I'm fuzzy on the details.

  10. Steve Norris, that's a blast. My dad knew him. He was chief deputy under Sheriff Padgett, before Willie Waggonner. My dad and my uncle (who was the coronor for 30 years) knew him. That was back in the day!

  11. I got no problem whatsoever with the Sheriff's program. At least he's got a group of people who are paying attention.

    The libs like to twist up anything they can, and this is just no exception.


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