Monday, March 15, 2010

What The Heck Am I???

Okay, so I'm ripping off The Mayor.  Again.  I really don't want to, Mr. Mayor, but this is just way too curious, and I needs me some hep!

As all real blog surfers know, The Mayor of Mitchieville originated "Humpday Hottie."  Yessir...he was the man that came up with the whole concept.  Just ask him...he'll tell ya'.  But, it is a little known computer FACT that The Mayor originated the "What The Hell Am I?"  concept.  Oh yeah...he's a trailblazer...a blog Pioneer, if you will.

And a stand-up guy, in my book!  I mean, he's one of my favorite Canadians, and everything.  So, since we've ripped him off on Humpday Hottie posts, we may as well go ahead on and rip him off once again.  Our good friend, and glob buddy Staci sent me some suggestions for "Humpday Hottie," and as I was looking through them (btw, they are all OUTSTANDING, and I appreshunate it Staci), I came across one that stumped me...

Now, you've seen the People of Walmart photos out there, and this here is one of them.  But, I can not quite discern exactly what this is.

So, "What The Heck Am I???"

Honestly, I'm stumped.  What do y'all think this is?


  1. I'm not sure of anything, except he's NOT a h-a-w-tie. hehehehehe

  2. Hey at least you come by your plagiarist ways honest. I too have been known to dip from the creative well of others. I call it 'flattery' :-D

  3. Whatever it is, I think it's pregnant ~

  4. Hey! Whahoppen to my comment? I was by earlier and said sumthin' to the effect of I think the large blue-gray object is a soft drink cooler, but have NO ideer what the other large object is. And I'm thinkin' I don't wanna know, either.

  5. There isn't enough Duct Tape to keep my head from exploding so I will not try to answer that question. It does beg the answer why, not what? MUD

  6. So, I surmise from the comments that this is a pregnant beer cooler, that is definitely not "hot," and "why" I ever posted this is a mystery.

    Y'all done good! But I still don't know what the heck it is.


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