Sunday, April 11, 2010

Andy does his Glenn Reynolds impersonation...#3

I can testify!  They're rougher than a peanut patty with the goober side up.


  1. Boy, picking Louisiana's roads as number one was like taking candy from a baby. The fact that they missed I-55 from West Memphis to St. Louis makes the rest of this a freaking JOKE.

  2. Now, dangit, Oklahoma shoulda won this! We can't get no respect! You go for a drive on I-35 from OKC to Kansas, and you'll have to have some chiropractic assistance to get out of the car... and don't get me started on that I-40 Crosstown crumbler. I spent 48 minutes going one mile a couple of weeks ago while they repaired the latest "hole in the crosstown bridge". It's almost entirely made of "patch" now.

  3. Staci, I KNOW! I was in OKC a few years back driving a U-Haul, hauling a car behind me when a 10 x6 ft. piece of an I-40 overpass just fell out!

    Traffic was backed up for miles, and I just barely escaped the on-ramp...bought a city map, and finally navigated myself around south of town to escape.

    I shoulda listened to 'em when they told me to take the gps with me. Sigh...

    But, we still got ya' beat. We're #1, Hey! We're #1, Hey!


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