Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Junk...(#whatever...I've lost track)

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Good Sunday morning!  So, what's been going on at Andy's Place?  I'm glad you asked!  Not much at all to be honest.  Just lots of yard work, and glorious Springtime weather!

Before I show y'all some stuff, I'm gonna show you something.  (That didn't make sense, did it?)  Many of y'all who visit Andy's Place are already readers of RightGirl.  And, you know that RightGirl is, shall we say, quite frank and direct in expressing her opinions.

Wendy is a Canadian that is just as mad as hell about the Health Care Deform Act of 2010.  If you missed her most recent warning of what's to come in the US, you'll want to read it.  It's not long...and be sure to chase the link to her previous post instructing Americans on how to prepare.

Well, the Purple Iris has bloomed!  It blooms several days later than the blue ones I showed y'all a while back.  I believe that it is my favorite of all.  As always click on the photo to look at it big.

Purple Iris  (You can see the blue ones in the background)

Here is a close-up. These things are just fascinating!

Purple Iris Close Up

If y'all wonder why I caption most of these pictures, it's not because I think y'all are ignorant and need the captions.  It strictly has to do with The Gooble Search©. And more specifically The Gooble Image Search®.

Because those pictures are captioned, it will be much more likely that the Gooblebot will know what to do with them. So, when someone searches for "Purple Iris," or "Purple Iris Close Up," there is a great likelihood that the Purple Iris at Andy's Place will be seen 'round the world.  And, that's what we want.

It was funny.  Late yesterday afternoon, the doorbell rang.  When I went to the door, there was a young man about 30.  He said, "My friend out here wants to know if he can have some of those Blue Iris.  He was too chicken to come up to the door and ask.  So, can he?"

I just had to giggle!  I told him, "Man...let's go for it."  Those things are so dang prolific that if you don't thin 'em out you're in trouble.  The Mrs. went and got the shovel and dug the ones she picked to thin.  When he left, I told him to send some friends to get some.

Let's see what else we have...Oh, April 11 will be the last "Psoriasis Update" for 2010.  My outbreak has almost completely subsided, I believe.  Yay!  The 2010 outbreak left a scar on the right hand usual.  This one (as you all know) was the toughest to heal due to the fact that it split the skin on a knuckle joint.

See, Psoriasis all better!  (I do have lovely hands, huh?)

Oooooohhhh, The Mrs. got her little vegetable garden planted yesterday!  I helped her for a little while running the Mantis.  Let me tell y'all that if you've ever considered buying a Mantis tiller, and wondered if it's worth the cost or not...the answer is YES!  I'll swear, that little thing will flat tear up the pea patch!  We have used it for years, and have loaned it to dozens of folks, and it runs like the day it was new.

I have used that thing not only for gardening, flowerbeds, etc.  I've used it to dig large holes in rock hard soil.  (Don't ask why I had to dig large makes me cry.)  I have used it to burrow 9 feet beneath a concrete slab to repair plumbing.  IT. IS. A. HONEY.

Anyway, there's the Mrs. little garden...all planted up with tomatoes, peppers, squash, and eggplant.  The okra will go in later.  Hey, look back there at that circle of Lilies.  We call those "Treasure's Lilies."  Wanna know why?  Because Treasure, the stupidest dog we ever had (yes, even stupider than Sadie), is buried up underneath them.  I didn't really get all that tearful when me and the Mantis dug that hole...but there's another one out there that still makes me sad every time I look at it.  Sigh...

Okay, so I'm gonna ask y'all a question.  I have been considering shaving my head.  I know that might sound odd to you that know me personally, seeing as I have such a glorious mane.  But, I'm seriously considering giving it a try.  The truth is, my hair ain't all that great anymore like it used to be, and I'm thinking that those Mr. Clean type guys look really cool and comfortable in the Summer.

See, what I've got left is kinda mousy gray, and it's pretty thin anyhow.  The rear view ain't no better, either.

Now, I don't consider myself to be an overly vain individual, but I reckon I do have a streak of it.  And, I'm just afraid that it will look so freakin' retarded to make such a big change all at once.  So, I'm gonna poll y'all.

Should Andy Shave His Head?

a)  No, it will look retarded, and everyone will point at you and laugh!

b)  Juuuuuump!  Juuuuuump!  Juuuuuump!

3)  This is the stupidest online poll I have ever seen, you moron!

d)  Yes, but only if you donate your hair for cancer wigs.

And, you can add your own answer if you'd like.  It's unscientific, but I'm gonna do whatever y'all think is best.  I trust you.

 I will leave the fate of my "triangle shape head" (as The often lovingly points out) in y'all's hands!

Well, that's all I got!

I gots no more!


Nothing else!

Except for a Sunday blessing to each and every one of y'all! May the Lord bless you and yours today, and every day. I love y'all! Have a wonderful what's left of the weekend.

Your friend,



  1. I actually gro-ed my hair out to give to the cancer kids and found out that they do not take gray hair at all, Paul FAIL. Plus it has to be eight inches long. IF you do shave your head, then you are going to have to wear a hat everywhere, you know how hot hats are in our summers, soooooooo.

    My family has our own wailing walk for the dogs, too. Since my grandfather named every single dog he ever had, "Joe," things get kinda confusing. You can imagine, "Okay, which Joe did we bury here? Was it the one that walked sideways or was it the one that had his teeth knocked out by the brick?" Really.

  2. Andy,
    Don't hesitate. Don't even wait to count the votes. Shave your head now, today. A friend once told me that a balding guy is just that: a balding guy. But a shaved head guy makes a statement! (Not sure exactly what the statement is, but...) I've been a shaver since the mid nineties. Two things: (1)Paul's right, you will need a hat for daytime excursions--I have a collection of them. And (2) if you don't shave it at least every third day, your head will stick to the pillow at night like velcro.

  3. Shave it and I want some purple iris bulbs. How's that for direct and to the point? Have a great Sunday!

  4. "a) b) 3) d)"


    As to the poll: whatever floats yer boat. You probably already have a lot of hats... just sayin'.

    My Ol' Man shaved his head for years and years and years and I laughed at him for it, but only coz I knew it pissed him off and kids can be like that.

    Or you could go in an entirely DIFFERENT direction, like I did at your age: me at 55. You have options.

  5. LOL, that's what my hair looked like when I was 35. Just get some shoe polish and rub it on there. Nobody will know.

  6. Paul, you realize don't you that most people use a tennis ball, or a Frisbee to play "catch" with their canines?

    A brick? "Tough crowd," your family is. Just sayin'. Did you really try to donate gray hair? Nyuk...

    Dan, vote noted. Ya' know, though I have never met you, nor seen a photo of you...for some reason I pictured you as a head shaver. Weird, huh?

    Jim, vote noted! Pam only has one clump of the purple iris, but she says that she would most definitely love for you to have some bulbs...and will harvest them for you. It only takes a couple of seasons before you'll be overrun...they are gorgeous! I'll give 'em to ya' when I sees ya'!

    Buck, the a) b) 3) d) thing goes WAY back...I'll fill you in later, and you will be amazed. Trust me. Dude, I could not get away with the look you took on at 55. There must be some material to work with. Which, I lack.

    Cosmic, Nyuk! Yeah, I know man...I know. I think I'm gonna pass on the shoe polish, but I appreciate your kind advice anyway. Nyuk...

  7. Andy, my uncle and I taught one of the Joes to jump up and catch a tennis ball, it took us the better part of an afternoon. Seeings how one of the Joes was a birddog, this was a bad idea. Pop untaught Joe in about five seconds by throwing a brick in the air. One of the Joes' feet never left the ground again.

  8. A man that is bald in front is a thinker. A man that is bald in the back is a lover. A man that shaves his head just thinks he's a lover. MUD :)

  9. Andy,

    As you know, I started trimming my head real short about 4 years ago now, basically for the same reasons which have caused your consideration of such a move. Advice: Shaving your head requires daily, or at least several times a week maintenance. That's why I settled on the short look. I can trim it down close about every two weeks, and can stretch it to three when I need to.

    Here's a link to the best trimmer I have found. I had been using it for my beard for years, but now I just use it on my head too. It is adjustable as to how short you want to go. I usually use the #2 setting. Anyway, it is like your Mantis.... until the battery wears out. Even then, you can replace the battery and they sell replacement blades as well.

    You are going to find out how the hair on your head grows. Different parts of your head will respond best to different angles of approach when cutting. It is weird at first, but then you get to know the lay of the forest.

    I can do the back of my head, but get better results when I enlist my wife to get the final touch up on the back.

    Good luck!

  10. Andy, I tried shaving when I first went bald but it's hard work so now I just buzz it with an electric hair-clipper with a # 2 fitting.

  11. Ask your wife what she wants you to do. Do that.

  12. MUD, Heh! Good one!

    Walt, Patrick, and Cullen...I think I've about decided to go with an extremely short buzz...with the clippers like Walt and Patrick use.

    Seems easy enough to maintain, and honestly, my hair is so ratty thin that it's goofy-looking now.

    Cullen, if my wife had what she wanted, I'd be completely slick bald. She has ALWAYS had a "thing" for bald guys...even when we were youngsters.

    Short of that, I'm going with a #2 clipper. I will post the "big event."

  13. I do cut my own hair with an electric trimmer. I just don't see any sense paying someone the same amount to cut my random patches of hair as they would to cut a full head of hair.

    I wouldn't mind paying them the same amount if they could make it look as good, but, well, that's just not gonna happen. So I just hack what's left as short as I can get away with every couple of weeks.

  14. Ok, here are some thoughts on hair from a bald man. Oops, follically challenged, sorry. First is you shave it bald for summer, it will be cooler. As I tell people, bald is cool, especially in winter. Brrr. Of course you will want to get a sweat band for being outside if you don't wear a hat, cause there is nothing to slow down the sweat drops coming of the top. Also if you don't wear a hat use lots of sunblock. There is nothing worse than a burn on top of your head. It causes a bad headache for days. And you will be surprised how many times you run your hand on top of your head. Ouch. Remedy for a burnt head is vinegar. Pew!! Second. If people pick on you about your bald head you have to be familiar with all the good comebacks. 1. Hair is overated. 2. God created a few perfect heads and the rest he covered with hair. 3. You just wish you were aerodynamic. and this was for my youth group. 4. Oh yeah, remember in 2 Kings 2:23 where the youth were mocking Elisha and called him bald head? He called down 2 bears and they mauled them. Do you want me to call down a couple of bears on you?" That always got them to look in their bibles. haha. Ok, now that I have educated you on this, I think you should do it. Of course I might be a bit prejudice because I am bald.

  15. Darrell, my favorite come back is "Grass doesn't grow on the playground."

  16. TD, Heh!

    Darrell, I should have known that MOST of the readers of this pitiful blog are old bald guys, or old hippies, or chicks that say "Juuuuuump!"

  17. Andy, Here's my 2 Cents,(that's probably only worth 1/2 cent). I started keeping my hair "buzzed after I retired from the Army. I know, sounds wierd, but now I do it 'cause I want to. I don't shave it because it's to much work and my head is shaped kind of strange. I can buzz it about every 3 weeks and not worry about it. I let someone else do it since I'm barely coordinated enough to shave let alone cut my hair. Whatever you do, make sure Mrs. Andy is good with it 'cause you don't have to look at yourself, she has to look at you! Bottom line is, I haven't combed my hair in about 3 years! It's great!

  18. Prerhaps you and Paul can shave each others head. Sure, it's a little uncomfortable at first, but I'm sure after a few glasses of chardinay, you guys will come to really enjoy it.

  19. Nyuk! Actually, I am going to get #3 son to tear into it for me the first time.

    He's in the Army, ya' know...and is quite familiar with buzz cuts.


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