Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Buzz Cut" Update...Family Reactions...

Okay, so I went to my nephew's wedding last night.  Neither of my parents, nor any of my siblings had seen me since the big event.  I was curious as to what their reactions would be.

Daddy was the first to see me.

Daddy:  (With eyebrows raised, and a dookie-eatin' grin on his face) looks good!  Did you do that on purpose?

Momma:  (Not even raising an eyebrow)  Sweetie, you look just wonderful!  I haven't seen you like that since you were four or five years old.  I always said that you had just the prettiest shaped head!  Come over here and give me some sugar!!!

Aunt Peg (Walt's Momma):  Well, you certainly will be 'cooler' this summer!

Jimmy (Brother In Law):  Ya' know Andy, I've thought about doing that myself.

     Me:  Go for it!

Jimmy:  Naw...the US Army taught me what I look like wearing a cut like that.

Sister (The oldest of us kids):  Oooohhhh, don't you look 'different!'  Just kidding, you look like Uncle Ross!

Now, this is a comment I can dig up on.  Uncle Ross was not the most handsome man in the world, but he comes up in my top two in "the nicest guys I've ever known" roster.  I'll take that as a compliment.

Older Brother (The father of the groom):  Hey man!  Not look like Lee.

     Me:  Uncle Lee?

Older Brother:  No, our cousin Lee.  I'll bet you're gonna like it.  It don't look bad at all!

Baby Brother:  (pointing and laughing)  You look retarded!

     Me:  Bite me!

See, I knew somebody would point at me, laugh, and tell me that I look retarded.  But, it's just Baby Brother...

Honestly, I'd have been disappointed if he didn't.  With all the grief we gave him coming up, he can dish all he wants...and I know he loves me.

Even if he is a smartass!


  1. Retort to baby brother....

    If I looked like you I would shave my behind, instead of my head, bend over, and learn to walk backward....

  2. "Did you do that on purpose!" I think I'd like your dad!!

    Glad the reviews were kind to you!

  3. Walt, Nyuk! He wasn't actually that brutal...but I knew he held back because it was a social event and all...but I love him because he's like that.

    Moogie, you would like my Dad! Everybody does. I've often said, "if you don't like Don Reeves, then there's something wrong with YOU!"

  4. Yeah, what Moogie said. Good reviews always play well, don't they?

  5. I told you it was the best thing I've ever done and it suits you. It doesn't suit everybody. (It makes my Andy look like a balding porcupine.)

    I've recently graduated to a #1. That way I only have think about hair once a month instead of every two weeks. It doesn't look good at first but it's less fuss.


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