Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess who is 63 today!!!

Just a personal note here.  Barry's was the second blog I began to read regularly after discovering the blog world.  It has been a real treat getting to know Barry.  And, some of my very best "virtual" friends are guys I ran into over at his place.  Paul Mitchell, Paul the Fireguy, Dapper Dan, Curtis Stone, and others.

I would tell you to go over there to his place, and drop him a "Happy Birthday" on any post, but he uses that funky Echo commenting deal that nobody likes.  Nyuk!  So, you can just wish him a happy birthday here, and he'll see it.

Happy birthday, Barry!  We thought we were gonna' lose you a while back.  I'm sure glad you decided to stick around.  You're a great virtual friend, and kind, wise, and decent man.  ...and many more!


  1. Happy Birthday, Barry! I was going to leave one at your place, but you didn't have a Tuesday post up yet!

  2. You would think from the way that he writes, he is 163.

    Does my Word Verification mean anything about Barry's birthday? It is "moser."

  3. Happy Birthday! Many More!

  4. For some reason it didn't let me log in to his site. I was going to tell him that the people in Idaho are just plain freeked out by all the people from California coming there to escape Kalifornia. The house prices are skyrocketing and people are pretty tired of people going to Idaho and expecting the same kind of Government services they couldn't afford in Kali. MUD

  5. Happy Birthday, Barry.

    You're right about Echo, Andy. Just sayin'.

  6. Happy B'day Barry. I enjoy your sense of humor, your varied and diverse posts, and your straightforward writing.

  7. Mud,
    Now you know why I can't afford to move back to my beloved native Oregon! 'cause all those kalifornicates moved up and drove all the taxes and housing prices up and screwed up a bunch of the politics! I'm stuck in hot, humid GA in a very nice house and property with a bunch of really nice folks (like Andy, only he's a couple of states over, but same sort of folks and climate. We get his leftover weather here.)but the bugs and reptilian creatures and no "real" mountains kill me! Someday I'll move back! Thanks to Andy for the vent space! Paul the Fireguy

  8. Happy Birthday, Barry.

    I actually don't know him, but one thing I do know is that anyone named Barry is A OK with me.

  9. Thank you, Andy. Yes, Echo stinks but it's that or nothing because I'm too computer dumb to figure out an alternative.

    You mean BAR was the second blog you read after Urban Redneck?

  10. Barry, HA! No, I didn't include my own pitiful little venture in to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd count.

    I actually just read ONE blog regularly before starting my own chumpy deal.

    And, yours was the second one I got hooked on. And, it has been a treat, my friend!

    Hope you had a great day.


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