Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guitar Wars (round quatro...still in honor of Cinco de Mayo which must be celebrated)...

Okay, so it has become abundantly clear that I am the least qualified human in the blosphere to be participating in any event that includes the words "Wars," and "Guitar."  Since Dapper Dan threw out a challenge, and Buck and I took it up, I have discovered that EVERY human on the planet knows more about guitarists than do I.

Of course, this is not surprising, because most EVERY human knows a lot more about EVERYTHING than I do.

Yet, we forge on with tips from our friends.  Yesterday, after I posted my B.B. King video, Paul Mitchell dropped a link to a duet with Chet Atkins, and Stanley Jordan.  I will admit that I was quite intrigued by this Stanley Jordan fellow...a truly unique style.  I had never heard of him.  And, doing a quick internet search, I realize just how Guitarded I am!  The guy is world renowned!  So, Paul in a follow-up comment wrote:  Andy, you should see Stanley do Stairway to Heaven, it is just flat out freaky.

There is one thing that I have learned about Paul, and that is when he gives you a recommendation on something, you'd better take it.

I am glad I did. This dude plays two guitars at once!


  1. "Weird?" Impressive is a mo' better word in my book.

    You have not yet steered me wrong.

  2. Haven't been following the 'Guitar Wars' too closely, but I don't think the incomparable Stevie Ray Vaughn has been mentioned.

    Check him out doing a Hendrix cover here:

  3. Dadman, that is by far a better version than Jimi ever did. Perhaps we'll never know how good Jimi could have played if we never uncover some music where he was not stoned out of his gourd.

  4. You're right, Paul. Hey, since your that hair product tycoon dude could you get me a deal on some shampoo for very dry hair. I do live in Phoenix ya know...

  5. Sure, but don't be alarmed when it comes in a funny looking bottle. It is my special stash.

  6. This guy's neat! Paul finds some neat stuff on teh interwebs.

    @ Dadman: I wouldn't be putting anything in my hair that comes from Mr. Mitchell and any of his 'special bottles'.

    SRV's version of voodoo chil' p'wns Jimi's.

  7. Pretty damned impressive. The brain power required to hit all those notes on two instruments at the same time just boggles my lil mind... not to mention the muscle memory required. The bass player was doin' some serious workin' out, too.

    re: SRV. EVERY lil hole in the wall bar on Sixth Street in Austin (and elsewhere in the city) has an autographed picture of SRV behind the bar. And if the barman is "of a certain age" he'll tell ya how it got there... on occasion.

  8. Yeah Buck, I forgot to mention the bass fiddle player. I'm not sure who he is, but neither one of those fellows just fell off the turnip truck yesterday!

    That really was a joy to watch. I guess when Dan loads one up again, I'll have to go with Stevie. Neither Paul, nor Dadman have yet steered me in the wrong direction...and a guy that signs pitchers for bartenders MUST be featured.

  9. Andy, I'm late commenting on this. I guess it's because I was so intimidated. This is unbelieveable. And if we were in a real war, I think this would probably end it.


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