Friday, May 21, 2010

Just in case you haven't figured this out yet...

...we're going through old pictures!

We're sorting them out to put in albums, to chronicle for the kiddos when we're dead and gone, and scanning a few.

I'll make this easy for you.

(August 1987)  Ain't they cute?

Golly Jeepers, those were the two cutest little boys I thought could ever be born!  My OSU fan was without a doubt the sweetest little cat that ever lived...never any trouble...weird as all get-out...funny as the comic strips...the oddest outlook on life of anybody I've ever known.  Man...I miss him.

Here is one taken not too long after #3 son was born.  #4 son was not even an option at that time. (But he came along anyway later on).

(Easter, 1990)  Nyuk!  Take a look at that rugged "Soldier" I've got in my arms! 

Man! We used to be young...

They still are.  I hope they have just as fond memories of those days as we do.

I'll probably post a bunch more of this kind of stuff until I quit strollin'...or until The Mrs. finishes putting all these in albums.  I'm hoping she takes her time...


  1. Andy, the older I get the more I'm into the old pictures and memories.
    Buckeye fan. Do you know where you went wrong? Bless his heart.

  2. Jim, ain't it the truth!!!

    I have pulled my hair out wondering how in the world #2 son fell for those miserable Buckeyes! It has been a long-running e-mail discussion for years between me, and Paul Mitchell. He's done his best to "Dr. Phil" me on the deal...but even HE, the ULTIMATE SEC expert/footbaw fan/psychologist can't figger it out!

    Like I said...#2 son is "odd." But, ah loves him anyhow...

  3. You've got a great looking family Andy. Lots of love in those pics.

  4. ...the oddest outlook on life of anybody I've ever known.

    About as good a description of the OSU fan base as I've ever read.

    You are a GREAT lookin' fambly. ALL of you.

  5. This is soooo cute. And you have a son that is a tOSU fan!!! What a loser.

  6. Thanks Dan!

    Buck, ain't it the truth? I mean, there are "odd" bunches out there in fandom...but OSU fans...well, I can't tell you anything you don't already know.

    Paul, thank you my brudduh! I'll admit that it is cute! It's precious, as a matter of fact. It's worth more than gold.

    Hey Paul... it seems that my tOSU fan is coming home...a bright spot in this week's news.

    Now, I don't feel like such a loser.


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