Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mrs. is a lucky woman!

Oooooooh, The Mrs. is gonna be so excited!

So, I was asking The Mrs. the other day what she wanted for Mother's Day while we were out working in the garden.

Her:  I want a new ho.

Me:  Why?

Her:  Sometimes you gotta switch out your ho.  You can't keep using that same old ho forever.

Sure enough, her ole hoe is in miserable shape.  The dang thing is probably 40 years old, and you know, by 40 hos are pretty well used up.

I didn't think she really believed that I would spring for one.  But, lookie here...

It was $9.97 at The WalMart!  But, she's dang well worth it in my book!  It even has a fancy rubber grip at the end of the handle (not pictured).

We're having a cookout this afternoon late in honor of The Mrs., and The Mrs. In-Law, so I'm gonna wait 'til then to give it to her.  So don't say nothing, okay?

Maybe it'll still be light enough when we finish eating, and she gets the kitchen cleaned up, and the grill all stowed away that she'll be able to get out there and weed the garden...


  1. Everyone thought that I was crazy when I got my mother new tires. Why would I get her some useless bauble when I could get her something to save her life?

    Or to make yard work more efficient?

    Some people do not care as much as you and me, Andy. We should pray for them.

  2. Mrs. Andy is a lucky woman! You, Andy, are a shining example to us all.

  3. Paul, and Jim, I'm blushing. And, you are both correct.

  4. The simple fact that you were willing to confront the People of Wal-Mart speaks volumes in my book!

    Tell Mrs. Andy I may have some suggestions what she can do with that "used-up 40 year old ho(e)!"


  5. Leave it to Moogie to introduce some reality into the discussion.


  6. Moogie, she said it just like that, too...with a a grin on her pretty lips.

    Heh! Indeed...

  7. Andy, I see a doghouse in your future.

  8. Now, if you will run it across your grinder and put a real sharp edge on it, she will thank you a million times for making her work so much easier!

  9. Dan...she ASKED FOR IT! Seriously. She loves stuff like this.

    Walt, she has already told me that phase 2 of her gift is to break out the grinder...

    Seriously! Y'all think I make this junk up...

  10. I believe it, Andy. I asked for a set of "Paula Deen" pots and pans for my anniversary.
    I'm thrilled with them.
    My husband said he hoped it would cause me to cook more often. :)

  11. Nancy, my wife is like that. She got a set of 3 skillets last anniversary, and was thrilled!

    She is easy to please. Obviously.


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