Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Okay...I need some hep'...

Is the correct term "bald faced lie," or "bold faced lie?"

I read it everywhere "bald faced lie," but I've never really seen a bald face.  Oh, maybe...maybe some chick that has no eyebrows & has to paint 'em on with a Sharpie.  But, that's about all.  And, I'm pretty sure that chicks with no eyebrows don't always lie.

I always thought it was "bold faced,"...kinda like "bold faced type."

Am I wrong?  I am willing to be educated.


  1. Okay Andy, A Lie is A Lie whether it is Barefaced, Bald Faced or Bold Faced !! I Think it means you are telling a Faux Pa with an expressionless face but what do I Know HA !!

  2. Bald. According to Google. Who knows EVERYTHING. According to my Mom, too, who knew everything long before Google did..

  3. Hey Andy, Buck just sparked my memory ! I member, way back, early 50's, Mama always used " Baldfaced Lie" as a precursor to whuppin my butt... I think this was before Gooble too...

  4. Yeah, it is BALD. If memory serves, the guys who could lie without beards to cover their facial expression were the best liars, hence the term.

    But, I could be wrong on the epistemology.

  5. Well, I'll be doggone! I have been wrong about this. Thanks to y'all for the explanation.

    And, for the bad memories, Mike! I appreciate that...

    Heck, if Momma says it that way, then it must be that way.

    The origin now makes sense. I could have goobled it I guess, but I'm too lazy.

  6. Paul's right. According to Wiki Answers:
    The correct term is bald-faced, and refers to a face without whiskers. Beards were commonly worn by businessmen in the 18th and 19th century as an attempt to mask facial expressions when making business deals. Thus a bald-faced liar was a very good liar indeed, and was able to lie without the guilt showing on his face.

  7. Whoo hoo! I have not completely fried my brain!!!

  8. Thanks Jim. Like I said, I could have goobled it, but I enjoy getting people to do my work for me.

    Paul, I'm impressed!

  9. Let me ask about another one. I shudder every time I hear or read that "there's more than one way to skin a cat." I am no great cat fancier, but why would a sane person skin a cat? I grew up being told that "there's more than one way to skin a rabbit." I also grew up raising, harvesting, dressing, and eating rabbits. It does not bother me to think about skinning rabbits, but I would like people to stop talking about skinning cats.

  10. I actually know the answer to Realist's question, too. There is literally no limit to the different ways to skin a cat. MOST include the cat being dead, too.

    Hating Asian people is a bad thing, Realist.

  11. Realist, I know this one!

    "Skinning a 'cat' " has nothing to do with felines. At least not in my world.

    I guess I always figured the expression had to do with skinning a catfish. We call 'em "cats."

    And, trust me...there is more than one way to skin 'em.

  12. OK, I can buy that, but I still think the adage originated as "skin a rabbit".
    I have heard that Koreans and Brazilians consider barbequed dog to be a delicacy, but I have never heard of anybody eating any cats other than catfish. If any Asians do like to eat cats, it is alright with me. But I still say there is more than one way to skin a rabbit, and I don't want to know about any way to skin a cat. I always thought the expression was "bold faced lie" also.

  13. Me too, Realist. I dun learnt sumpin' today!


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