Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One reason I blog is because it makes me smarter!

Ya' know, you learn something new every day!

Walt sends along a little challenge.  The first guy that can define this word will be crowned "The Smartest Guy That Visits Andy's Place."

The first gal that defines it will be sought after by all the guys that visit Andy's Place.

(A note to gals...don't define it, unless you're up for the chase).

And, before you begin playing the game, let me warn you...DO NOT GOOBLECHEAT!  I will know, and so will Walt.  You DO NOT want both of us on your bad side, you Gooblecheater, you!

Just a note to Walt:  You may not participate, even though you may be the smartest guy that visits Andy's Place.

Good luck!

The word is: 



  1. Heh. You know I exited and went to Gooble so I won't say anything.

  2. One time a bird poo'd on my windshield. It was really gross. I called 911 to complain. The dispatcher said "don't call me to complain about it, callipygian!" [/rimshot]

  3. Simple - Pigs that were raised in California - callipygian.

  4. Inno, "rimshot" indeed.

    Mayor: Good idear...but not correk!

    Jim, you am is an honest man...

  5. Andy, the Mayor is close, but it's Mexican for
    a peeg from a hot(cali) land.

  6. Silly me -- I thought it was the play that inspired "My Fair Lady."

    Can I get a Whoooo Pig Soooiiieee!!!

  7. Nancy & Moogie...y'all are gals...ya' better be cautious here.

    Nancy, Bwahahahahahahaha!

    Moogie, Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    Again, y'all be careful here. You're both demure Southern gals...and don't want your definition to be admired too much by uncouth foreigners.

  8. innominatus:
    "don't call me to complain about it, callipygian!"

    No way in the comments section to duplicate the moan I let out when I read that. (A little snicker too).
    I really think Andy should give you a prize or something.

  9. Jim, I'm thinking on what I might reward Inno with. But, what do you give the guy that has "everything?"

    Maybe hook him up with a callipygian?

    Just a thought...

  10. I have a high level of appreciation for callipypians. Is it just coincidence you posted an exceptional example of one just today?

  11. I tried SOOOOO hard to think of something genuinely funny, but dang, "callipygian" ain't the easiest word to work with. So all I could come up with was that stinker.

    Then I gooblecheated. Heh.

  12. Dadman, Nyuk!

    Seriously, I know that you do!

  13. Inno...I Gooblecheated myself...but you are still gonna win some kind of prize.

    I think Dadman knew it without Gooblecheating, though. He's smarter than he lets on...

  14. It would seem the word is an adjective not a noun. Let me restate that I have I deep, abiding appreciation for callipygian cheeks. See 'Romo' for reference...

  15. BTW, I had to Gooblecheat. My Mensa membership has lapsed I'm afraid...lol...

  16. Well Dadman..."Romo" is just about right. I mean, we don't even want to go as far as a "Testaverde" as far as I'm concerned.

  17. So when Romo chokes in the playoffs this coming season, will he again be the butt of many jokes?

  18. Inno, probably. But, a cute little joke, no?

  19. I'm a Tebow fan...but the little Woman doesn't care who is playing... she thinks that every game is a 'kaliepigeon' delite... I still can't even spell it let alone dfine it...just sayin'...

  20. Dangit, I finally get to the comprooter to see this word and you get one million comments already.

    Just so you know, I have never been a dude that looks at the chicks' chests.

  21. Hmmm. I needed to stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night to answer this one. I was thinking it is one of these word verifications.

  22. Paul, that does not surprise me one bit.

    Darrell, nyuk! It does sound like a wv.

  23. I was apparently late to the party.

  24. Hmm... no gooblecheating....

    Well, the "ian" at the end should indicate that it is an adjective.

    The closest word that comes to mind for "Calli.." is "calligraphy" which is "beautiful writing" I think, so perhaps "calli" means "beautiful."

    I'm pretty sure "pyg" means "small" as in "pygmy."

    So the word should mean something like "beautifully small" or something like that.

    But from the above references this clearly has something to do with the female derriere. So perhaps "pygian" means something to do with women's buttox...

    So I sort of cheated an looked up the etymology of "pyg" and lo and behold, it is actually the greek root for "buttox".

    So "callipygian" means, in the vernacular of the peasantry, "nice ass."

    I guess I get partial credit...

  25. Staci, we missed you at the party!


  26. Hmm... still sorta cheated though... And this is making me wonder about the etymology of "pygmy." Did the Greeks just name them because they had tiny buttox?

    Nah... apparently "pygmaos" meant "dwarfish" which is the root of "pygmy." I suppose this is one of those things where the same root had different meanings depending on context... The etymology reference I found wasn't clear about that. But from a pure reconstruction from the roots, "callipygian" could well have meant "beatifully small", but I'm not surprised that the Greeks came up with a word for "nice ass", which happened to use a different derivation of the same root, first. I mean language has its priorities for sure.

  27. Sigh. I'm late too. Always. Evah.


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