Thursday, May 27, 2010

To the guy in Baltimore,.."Come on back! I found what you were looking for!"

Hey y'all!

Y'all might remember that the other day we featured as our Teh Stoopid Search, some joker looking for "Pelosi picture in urinal."

I made this note:  Well, maybe it ain't so stupid.  I'd kinda like to see her on one of those little plastic dealies that holds the little pink fragrance cake thing.

Well, I accidentally ran across this picture this morning.

Pee Pee Pelosi

 Ain't it beautiful?  It's like a work of art, or something.  Why didn't I think of that?  I'd be rich!

Now it all makes perfect sense.  Sorry for calling your search "stoopid."  So, you can come on back now, I found it!

That's all.  I'll see y'all later!  But, if I don't, y'all have a fabulous Thursday.


  1. Yet another reason for us lady-folk to be jealous of the pee-pee position thing.

  2. Andy, do they make one of those for the toilet bowl?

  3. Heh! Indeed, Buck!

    Moogie, it seems that Dan is curious about this also. I'm no engineer, but I'm thinking maybe a stick-on decal (face front) might work for you gals, or for us guys with "more serious issues" to handle.


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