Friday, May 21, 2010

Tom McClinktock takes on Señor Calderón...

You need to watch this.  California Congressman, Tom McClintock (who would have made an excellent Governor) puts a smackdown on El Presidentard!  Thanks to Full Metal Patriot for posting it.


  1. I'll be glad when the next crisis comes along. This one is past it's sell-by date, which occurred around 1500 hrs yesterday. Clear the shelves...

  2. Good video! I was hesitant to watch it when I saw where he was from. I took a closer look and saw he was from Southeastern part of the state of Jefferson! No doubt there! Barry knows where I'm talking about. Of course Old man calderon probably wasn't listening, just BS'ing with his obabuddy!
    I'm bored, too. Waiting to go home after a long week!

  3. Buck, I don't know...I have a feeling that the product expiration on this one is a long way out. I know that it is with me.

    It's one thing if Harry Reid, or NannyP, or some wiseass pundit wants to call me and my clan "teabaggers." That does not get my dander up.

    It's one thing if an American Muslim wants to down US and our Western Civilization, and our system, or my religion of Christianity.

    It's even just one thing if the Dimocraps want to stand and cheer when they hear something they like in The House Chamber. They are officials, elected by my fellow citizens. No matter how much I may disagree with them, they are my fellow citizens...and it does not anger me.

    But, it is quite another thing when some stinkin' wetback swims the Rio Grande, makes his greasy way to the House Chamber, and trashes my country! IN THE CHAMBER THAT MY TAXES PAY TO MAINTAIN! Now, that pisses me off.

    I would feel the same way if it was a Jap, or a Chink, or a goat-humper. Let El Presidentard rail all he wants while he is in his own broke-ass country, or even on news interviews here in the US.

    But, when he drags his miserable ass into MY House and does it...well...them is fightin' words.

    Paul, McClintock is one of the good guys. The House of Reps is full of them. We've just got to get them back in charge, and pray that they don't backslide like the class of '94 did.

  4. Nancy, BRAVO FOR SURE! It makes me smile that McClintock took to the floor of My House, and spit back at that miserable jackass.

  5. There's far too few balls like that in Congress and within this worst administration in US history.


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