Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay, so I'm scanning these old photos that Momma gave me to scan.

This picture does not have a name on it.  It just says, "At the hospital when (my sister) was born."  That would have been in 1956.  Is it just my imagination, or does this guy look like somebody famous?

Seriously, I do not know who this is, but he reminded me so much of one somebody that I am curious what y'all see at first glance.

It's probably just me...


  1. My first impression when it flashed on the screen was James Earl Ray, but I don't know why. It does not look like him.

    What I am really puzzling over is this is the blog that has a picture of a man kissing a dadgum dog, and I just saw an engagement picture of a raving beauty.

    Maybe you came from a family of such beauty that you don't appreciate it. The 1965 Mom might need to visit a new hairdresser, but she is still a lovely apple-cheeked lady. And the daughter is cut from the same cloth. Dad looks like an astronaught, or maybe an actor who portrayed an astronaught. The oldest son is remarkably handsome, and maybe the other two boys were adopted. Just kidding of course.

  2. G.R.: Nyuk! James Earl Ray was not the particular famous person that crossed my mind.

    But, come to think of it...

    And yes, my Momma was a beautiful young woman, and still is...and my sister does favor her quite a bit.

    Elder brother is a handsome chap still. Yes, I am the dog kisser, even though THE BABE is much, much better. But Sadie doesn't get much love, so...there ya' go...

  3. Aaaaahhhhh...I responded to G.R., not to Realist. Crud...

    Been scanning too many pitchers today or sumpin'...

    Sorry, Realist...

  4. Rings no bells wit me. Take that with the proverbial grain o' salt, tho... coz I am THE most culturally-impaired soul on the planet.

  5. Buck: You unflatter yo' sef...

    Paul: I didn't see Anthony Perkins in that. The time-frame is right, but the jaw seems to be too wide. But, everybody sees what they see.

    However, the guy I was thinking of was known to act "Psycho" from time to time.

    Like I's probably just me.

  6. Johnny Cash is your sister's father?

  7. Yeah Paul, I know where you're coming from. And, I ain't sayin' that it ain't Anthony Perkins.

    I'm just sayin' that Tony is not the dude that I thought of when I looked at this photo. Plus, Anthony Perkins did not come around these parts in 1956 (as far as I know), and there was one fellow that did who this cat reminds me of.

    I'm gonna have to axe Momma who it really was. But, I'm curious if any other human that looks at this thought the same thing I did.

  8. Nancy!!!! NANCY, NANCY, NANCY, NANCY!!!

    So, I wasn't the only one!!!

    I love you! I mean, in a friendship sort of love way...

  9. And BTW, Nancy...Johnny is not my sister's father. This must have been some friend of theirs that showed up for the blessed event.

    But, Daddy did have lots of friends in the, who knows? So, I'll have to ask Momma.

  10. George somebody or the other...Hamilton, that's it!


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