Saturday, June 26, 2010

I finally got this big stack of pictures from Momma to scan...

I'm gonna be occupied with this for a good while, but I am planning on finally writing up that serious post about Sex Offenders this weekend.

No, this is not a Sex Offender.  This is my Papaw when he was about 40 or so...there's not a date on the picture.  (A Papaw is a Grandfather)  Everybody says how much I look like him...especially the older I get.

This is my family in about 1965.  Can you tell which one I am?  (Nyuk, check that hairdo on Momma...)

I'll give you a hint.  I'm the third child.

Ain't this a beautiful child here?  September 27, 1963...

Hey!  Who is The Babe with the goofy-looking guy?  Engagement photo for the newspaper, so it must have been early 1979.

I got a million of 'em, but y'all don't care, so I'll quit.  This is fun...


  1. Dude, the Papaw photo bears an eerie resemblance to someone that I have seen somewhere. Dang, where eludes me, though.

    This is awesome, WV is DINGER. Yeah, I took a screenshot, if you call crap on it, too.

  2. TD, he's kin to a famous country music singer...but the resemblance is not REAL strong.

    I think he favors "String Bean" before String Bean got old and ugly.

    And, I am not throwing the bs flag on the wv. Nothing would surprise me...

  3. I got a million of 'em, but y'all don't care, so I'll quit.

    Au contraire... or whatever it is those of French extraction say when they wanna throw the BS flag. I LOVE this sorta stuff. But I'm speaking for a party of one and I may be goin' against the grain. But I don't think so.

    Shorter: More!

    wv: cursing. Srsly. But no screen-shot, so you'll haveta take me at my word. Which is golden.

  4. That is a pretty girl in that bottom picture, but what's she doing with that goofy looking guy?

  5. Buck: I love this kind of stuff, too.

    Jim: She is just about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

  6. Like Buck, I like old family pics too.

    Andy, you haven't changed much over the years.

  7. Barry, actually since I went back to a buzz cut, I look just about the same as I did when I was four years old.

    Except for all the lines, wrinkles, and sin marks.

  8. Andy, I'm with Barry and Buck, keep those old family photos coming.

    And Pawpaw really does look a lot like old String.

    Re: "lines, wrinkles, and sin marks." I got some of those as big as a two lane blacktop.

    wv: "susters" as in bruthers and susters. I kid you not.

  9. Dan, I have no doubt about your word verification. The Gooble knows!

    Dan, Papaw was always called "Slim Reeves" by everyone that knew him. While he and I do bear a striking facial resemblance, as a young man he was 6' 4", and went about 150. His nickname was quite appropriate. When I first became aware of Stringbean as a child, I always thought Papaw resembled him.

    At my peak, I was 5' 9", and I'm a bit shorter than that now. By the time Papaw died he was about 5' 10", and weighed about 190. But the "Slim" handle stuck with him his whole life.


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