Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm sort of upset about this...

Has anybody heard anything about Michael Jackson being dead?  I just heard about it when I walked through the bedroom, and the news was on.

I can't seem to find any news coverage about it with any specifics on the internet.

I think maybe everybody is focusing on The World Cup.


  1. When he died last year I kept getting kicked off the Times website for calling him a pedophile. I blogged a little about him at the time, like the 'candlelight vigil' at the Boardwalk, I didn't think a lot of that.

  2. Oh he is dead. I wasn't sure because nobody was talking about it yesterday on the news.

  3. Andy, I can understand that you maybe didn't understand about MJ being dead. There was very little media coverage of the event since the guy was past his prime anyway. The media has much more important things to cover than a has been celebrity pedophile's death.

    By the way you may have missed this too since there was so little coverage of it as well. In 2008 an African "American," Barack Hussein Obama, was elected President of the US. The media barely acknowledged this historic event which seems racist to me. I figured it's possible you didn't know about this too since the media pretty much ignores the guy. You could almost think he wasn't doing much of anything but I think he's been pretty busy changing a lot of stuff. I wouldn't have found out about it myself except I just happened to be looking up something about Alabama football and the guy's name popped up.

  4. There ya' go, Dan! You just can't trust the media for any real important news these days.



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