Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming to a city near you...(Guest Post)

Cowdad sent this to me.  This will not be new to most of you that visit Andy's Place.  But, a friendly reminder of what we face never hurts.  (Editorial note:  I did a bit of research, and it seems that many blogs have posted this video.  I can not verify that it was taken in Vienna.)

The video at the end is quite graphic, and difficult to watch.

Just so you may have a better understanding of radical Islam.

Be sure to note the women and mothers standing calmly in the crowds and eating ice cream.  Civilized ceremony? You decide.

This is an annual celebration by Muslims. They are supposed to experience pain like their Sunni Ancestors did when they were massacred several centuries ago by the Shiite Muslims over a Jihad (Holy War) in a fight over who succeeded Mohammad.  Now you know why Muslims are killing fellow Muslims -- they must experience pain and suffering.

One day we are going to end up in hand-to-hand combat with these people.  We may not have anything left but rocks to fight with if the gun grabbers have their way.
See what insanity we are dealing with?

The Israelis understand this.  They know if they lose they will be slaughtered in the most vile way.   Just like the "Holocaust" that never happened! How does a normal society find words to describe such behavior?

Wake up Europe, USA and Canada !!   This is going to happen in your city.....and sooner than you think.

(Once again, content alert!)


  1. This is some seriously sick s---. And we're worrying all the time about waterboarding!

  2. "Now you know why Muslims are killing fellow Muslims -- they must experience pain and suffering."

    I think I would disagree with this particular statement. The simple truth is that they don't have the true love of God in their hearts. They are lead by people who have the hate of Satan in their hearts. These people like everyone are looking for God, but have been told and have chosen to believe a lie. The lie is that the only way to heaven is by works. The scales need to be tipped in their favor on the day they die and Alla (Satan) better be in a good mood on that day. In their theology, the only assurance of salvation is if they die in a Jihad. Death in Jihad erases all sins at that point. Therefore instantly the scales tip in their favor. Why have they been told this. I think it was by people who wanted to control them and use them for whatever purpose they wanted. Remember the catholic church told the people they had the power to pray people into heaven if they paid them so much or do what they wanted them to do? The violence springs from their theology, which springs from Muhammad (Satan). Look at his life. He was a violent, pedophile, rapist, etc...Andy we had a brief discussion about religious strictness. This is it and allows their leaders to control the people by threat, fear and deceit. The truth is they seek assurance of their salvation, just like us. Their is no freedom in their religion. Salvation is through Jesus alone. No works, only grace. Why are they whacking themselves on the head? I don't know for sure, but it seems it must be to acquire some favor from Allah (Satan). God (Yahweh) loves us infinitely all the time. He is infinite, and so His love is infinite. There is nothing we can do to cause us to love us anymore or less. There can be no peace with nations that don't "Submit" to Allah(Satan). God (Yahweh) gave us free will. We can choose Him or not. We are not forced. (there are consequences to our choice). Allah (Satan) forces us to love him. Note: forced love is rape. That is why in their culture the man is not so punished for rape, but the woman is the one punished. It is Satan's religion and it is not so hard to understand. And I could go on, but I got to go to church, and teach a class on Satan, then worship our awesome God. The solution though is to show them the true God and His love and lead them to true salvation.


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