Sunday, June 20, 2010

Folks, this is what we're dealing with...

C.M.I.C. (Chief Moron In Charge) at the EPA

(image stolen from Steamboat McGoo)

I was over at Paul Mitchell's blog, and he had linked to a story that I'm having a hard time getting out of my gourd.  At first I thought it was some kind of an Onion piece or something.  But, not so!

Hey, you Stooge!  You've got HAZARDOUS WASTE all over your lip!

Sure enough, The Environmental Protection Agency intends to issue regulations that classify milk (I'm assuming just cow's milk for now...but goats will probably be the next domino to fall) as a hazardous waste. This would require dairy farmers to establish "oil spill prevention plans."

Really!  "Oil spill prevention plans."  For milk.  Cow's milk.  Really!

I Hate The Media has the story Follow the link at the bottom of their post to see a video news report from 9&10News in Northern Michigan.

My friends, gubmint agencies truly have run amok.  Unelected bureaucrats continue to place burden upon ever burdening burden on an already over-burdened people.  The back of the mule is gonna break soon.

To the credit of the Democrat controlled Senate, the Agriculture Committee did pass a resolution "urging" the EPA to take back the regulations.  There's your trouble.  Your elected representatives, "urging" an unelected bunch of imbeciles to take back an idiotic regulation. 

We're in deep dookie, my friends.  Chest-high, and rising...


  1. Does this mean if we laugh so hard tat milk squirts out of our noses we're gonna need to file a clean-up and containment plan?

    E - freakin' - gad.

    w/v: nospain "I get nospain when milk squirts out of it!"

    I'm afrain the Globber is becoming sentient -- and very sarcastic!

  2. Moogie, you obviously had at least one be able to joke around about squirting milk from your nose.

    I'll bet that boy REALLY loves you.

    Yeah...I'm wondering if a gallon of milk from The WalMart will have to be sold with the MSDS sheets attached, or if a simple Surgeon General Warning on the label will suffice for these morons at the EPA.

  3. I am drinking a BIG OL' glass of chocolate pollutant right this minute. I might even leave a mustache.


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