Saturday, June 19, 2010


Okay, this is (once again) not that fabulous post I've been promising y'all.  I'm gonna get to it. Really, I am.  I'll give y'all a teaser.  It's about registered sex offenders.  Now, I know y'all can't barely wait.

But, it will have to wait.  This post is about hurt feelings.  Well, not so much really.  I started to post this photo at the top, but it really didn't seem right once I did, so I decided against it.

Man, it's been a big old busy day around Andy's Place.  A friend called me last night and asked, "Andy, do you want some cucumbers, and maybe some squash?" 

Well, we've had zero luck growing cucumbers because Sadie eats them right off the fence right before they are big enough to pick. (The stupid dog loves cucumbers.  She's a vegetarian carnivore...I think they call that an omnivore, but don't quote me).  And, the miserable squirrels stripped our squash just as soon as they bloomed.  So, me and The Mrs. ripped the crook necked squash plants out and replanted with Anaheim peppers (which the tree rats leave alone).

So, I said, "Oh yeah!  I'll come get 'em.  How much do you have to give away?"  Her reply was, "Well, we picked about three bushels of cucumbers, and a whole bunch of squash when we were up at the farm yesterday.  So, there is plenty for y'all if you want 'em." 

Just FYI...this is how many cucumbers we have left AFTER putting up 17 pints of pickles.  Jeepers, I don't know what we're gonna do with the rest of 'em.  Seriously.  You can only eat so many cucumbers before you begin to hate the fruited plain.

Squash anyone?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love squash.  We eat it fried, sauteed, in casseroles with onions-cheese-fritos on top, and in jalapeno-onion-squash fried fritters.  But dang!  That's a lot of squash to find something to do with at one time.

What was I saying? 

Oh yeah...While all the pickle making, and other vegetable prep stuff was going on, a long series of events took place this afternoon at Andy's Place that I will not bore you with. 

Don't bother to thank me. 

At the culmination of it all, my beloved oldest son sent me a real laugher of a computer letter.  He is an Airman, stationed in Omaha, stinkin' Nebraska.

Having never served in the military, I'm not sure if this is funny or not.  But, maybe some of you military-type friends of mine might find it amusing.  I know it made me laugh.  Here is the US Army "Hurt Feelings Report."

(click on it to look at it it again to read it mo' better)
Well, that's all.  Y'all have a good evening.  Don't whine.  I'll try not to, myself.


  1. We need one of those hurt feelings reports for some of our local politicians. They are the most thin-skinned bunch I have ever met!

  2. I've seen the "Hurt feelings" thing before. Lotsa befores, actually. And yeah, it IS funny.

    MMM. Veggies. I miss my garden, Part IV. (I think. But who's counting?)

    wv: deneur. I think that's French for not denying your feelings. Or sumthin'.

  3. I would make gazpacho out of the cucumbers using twice as many cucumbers as tomatoes. Served chilled it's the perfect "soup" for summer. I always put hot peppers in mine but your Anaheims will come in handy.

  4. Andy, I'm hungry looking at all that squash. And that soup Barry described sounds delicious. Only problem is, it's 1:30 AM. So I can't go down to the kitchen and make a racket and wake up the Mrs. But I will definitely be ready for breakfast.

    That form is hilarious. I do believe with a couple of minor changes it would be accepted in academia as a legitimate form for instructors to use against mean old admins or other insensitive teachers, maintenance workers, etc.

  5. Great idea, Barry! We do have jalapeno peppers, also...tons of them. And, tomatoes by the dozen now.

    Sounds like a winner. Buck, I figured you'd seen that.

    Dan, and Jim, I'm in agreement. A small modification to that form, and it could come in handy in darn near every organization on this planet.

  6. That's some good lookin' veggies you've got there! Gazpacho would be quite tasty in this weather, but so would Chilled Cucumber Soup. I know -- sounds gross, but tastes really good!

    Or, you could muddle a little cucumber into your basic Cosmo and float a few slices on top as garnish. I know -- sounds weird, but tastes really interesting -- ans refreshing!

    And I have loved the Hurt Feelings Report, even though it made my husband grimace the first time I showed it to him!

    W/V -- merses, as in misspelled french "Thank Yous." You're welcomes!

  7. Moogie, "merses, shere" for the recipe. ;)

    The Mrs. plans to try her hand at gazpacho, and I certainly appreciate the link.

    I just got off the phone with eldest son, and told him what a charge I got from the Hurt Feelings Report. He's active duty, as you know, and man...did he ever rattle on about it...good conversation topic.

    Merses again!


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