Saturday, June 19, 2010

A single piece of paper...

Naw, this is not the blockbuster, monster, very deep, pensive, life-changing post I've been working on.  I'll show y'all that pretty soon.  Maybe.

But, this is pretty dang cool.

Our buddy, Walt (you know...the guy that sent me the nail sculpturing link) sent me another one that is just kinda like that, because it's got to do with "art." (But not really, because it's a different kind of's art with paper, not nails.  Just sayin'...)

As I was looking at the linked article, it brought me to mind of "Cootie Catchers."  When I was a kid back way back, all the girls at elementary school would make Cootie Catchers, and you'd have to answer all their questions about "pick a color,"  "pick a number," "pick a letter,"  yada yada yada... Then they would give you the result of whether you were going to pass or fail a test, or win or lose the ball game, or if Bridget really liked you or not, etc.

You didn't really want to screw around with all that, but after a while it got to be kind of fun watching that little Cootie Catcher being manipulated by some girl.  And, if you REALLY liked the particular girl, it was even more fun.

You know what I'm talking about.  Sure you do!

So, I was trying to remember back about 40 years ago, as to how to make a Cootie Catcher.  Well, wonder of all wonders, The YouTube shows us how.  Dang, I like The YouTube!  I think I might make me one just for old time's sake.

Wow!  I really got off track from showing y'all what Walt sent to me!

This guy makes some fabulous little paper sculptures from a single piece of paper.  I don't think they tell your fortune or anything.  But, they are way cool to look at.  (BTW, be sure and look at Comment #1 in the comments.  Hit the link.  I could have written that comment).

I don't know how he does it...but then again, I don't know a lot of things.


  1. A4 paper? Isn't that one of those godless commie metric kinda things? I prefer origami, myself. I always had a thing for sushi. Her sister, too.

    (Note to self: One shouldn't comment after five beers. Noted.)

  2. Our TN cootie catchers didn't do any fortune telling. Two sides were plain, then when the catcher was placed on someone's head, the paper was switched and two sides with dots representing cooties (lice I presume) were exposed. I realize this is a straight line for somebody, but I'm stopping there.

    The art work is unbelievable.

    wv: sharfic: what Buck said about Sushi's sister after five beers; "She was shar, shar, she was sharific."

  3. I used to love those things! We didn't call them cootie catchers, though. Can't remember what we called them, but they mystically predicted the future. I wonder how many youthful decisions were guided by those things? That could explain a lot.


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