Friday, June 18, 2010

The Globber gets it right!

Is anybody else as happy as I am with the new "preview" in The Globber?


  1. Yessirree! The old generic preview never showed where the line breaks would be "in real life" and that would drive me crazy.

  2. The very first one that I used was okay, the next one was TEH SUCK HARD, and this last one works pretty danged good.

    I am building my business blog right now, guess where Imma host it?

  3. Inno, I figured I wasn't the only one.

    Paul, I know what you mean. When they came out with the new post editor, I was very disappointed that they screwed the preview up like they did. They have got it right now.

    And, as to the business blog...excellent idea. Google Search results weigh so heavy to Blogger that it ain't even funny. I'm putting gateway blogs together for both mine, and my Dad's business sites.

  4. I like the full page preview a lot. But it still misrepresents line breaks from time to time, at least in Firefox. The only REAL way to see "as Published" line breaks is to publish and then go back and fix 'em when weirdness happens. And weirdness happens more often than it should.


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