Friday, June 18, 2010

How tone deaf is the ObozO Administration?

FoxNews is reporting that the ObozO justice Department will file a lawsuit challenging Arizona's new immigration law.

These people just don't "get it."  The Arizona law is almost a mirror image of current Federal law.  Dozens of other States already have legislation in the works (or planned legislation) to copy Arizona.  The American public overwhelmingly supports the Arizona law.

Just a note to Governor Brewer.  The nation is behind you, and your right-thinking constituents.

Tell ObozO, and his criminal Attorney General this!


  1. This will be one colossal economic stimulus to the legal community.

    Talk about the very defiition of "frivolous lawsuit!" This issue doesn't even come within whiffing distance of the Supremacy Clause.

  2. I also have heard the Fox people say that Team Buttkicker plans to file suit on the basis that border security and immigraton are the responsibility of the federal govt and AZ as a state has no right to take it upon themselves to enforce the law locally. W.T.H.!! As everybody knows that's why AZ HAD to act- the Fed wasn't doing a dang thing.


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