Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'M A'THINKIN' OF A GLOBBER!!! (And, some linky junk...)

Hey' y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I have made an editorial decision to begin a new "feature" here at Andy's Place.  We are going to call it "I'M A'THINKIN' OF A GLOBBER!!!"  

I will give y'all a clue, or two, and then show you a picture.  It will be your task to figure out which Globber I'm a'thinkin' of.

I do not know how often we will run this "feature," because I only have one idea in mind.  But, I think it will be just aces up fun!  Really.

Now, don't let the title of our little game fool you.  When we play this game, the particular globber may, or may not host their glob on The Globber.  They might use Wordpress, or the other Type-thingy (I can't remember the other one right now)...but it will be someone that maintains a glob on the worldwide computer!

The globber will most likely be white, because I do not know too many Hispanic, or negro globbers.

funny animated gif

But, that will not always be true.  We might likely quiz y'all about people of color.  So, keep an open mind.

Before I show y'all the maiden voyage quiz, I want to drop y'all a couple of links to things I've read today that you might find interesting.

Just as a side note here...if you discover that I've linked to your glob, please do not go to the trouble of sending me a "Thankee!"  If I link to something, it is because I found it worth a read, and love our visitors so much that I'd like to share it with them.  No "Thankees" are ever necessary!  I am the one that is a'thankin' you for the effort you put into what you wrote, or created. (I'm still workin' on that monster post about globber etiquette...I will get it all done soon.  Probably....Maybe...Probably not.) 

Okay, before we play our little game, here are some links. (Did I say "a couple? Jeepers!  When I got finished, I realized that it looks like how many nails were in each tongue and groove oak plank that I ripped out last night)

If you've got a dookie-eating dog, Moogie has got a cure for it.

Basil (who has obviously been too busy with real life to post much lately) interprets Obozo's little speech last night (which I did not watch, due to the fact that I was hard at work on my belly-button-lint sculpture collection).

The Mayor finally "gets it" when it comes to Humpday Hotties!  I've did my best to educate the boy, and it seems it's finally paying off.  Andy is proud.

Pseudo hasn't quite caught on just yet.  There is work left to do.

Staci reports on a "big ole hole" in Okieland.  But she's such a chick that she really likes to paint walls and houses, and won't actually get close to this big ole hole in Okieland  (nyuk).  Personally, I think that this sink-hole was caused by the Nebraska Children Of The Corn (which I WAS becoming a fan of) moving to the little eleven, just at the time that Bo was building the 'Huskers in to a powerhouse that would make Okies, and Texans wish they had moved to the Pathetic 16.  Just sayin'...

She's also got some other good junk over there about how The Sooners are going to join up in the Texas Conference.  Don't let her fool you.  She REALLY likes Mack Brown...and watching paint dry.

My favorite leftie globber on the planet...native Brit, Roland Hulme (who actually likes soccer...I think...and is not gay...I'm pretty sure), is pissed off at ObozO, and Hillary.  It seems that The Falklands are near and dear to his Brit heart.  I figure he vacations there often, or maybe just don't take kindly to retards like Obama & Hillary stomping all over history.  Maybe he is FINALLY figuring out that his beloved, intelligent, clown/President is just a fraud.  Dunno.  Actually, I've got to give Roland some grace here.  He has been the sanest voice from the left that I have read on many subjects.  (Him, and that lesbo gal that likes Sarah Palin...I can't remember her name right now).   Roland is always a good read.  Even if he is a "Ginger."  Nyuk!

While we're talking about "sovereignty," and junk.  The Snarky Basterd posted a news report from FoxNews about how one Arizona Sheriff is pissed off at the feds for ceding  his county to wetbacks.

funny animated gif

And, let's stab in one more link (since I got nuttin')...Our good buddy, loyal visitor since the beginning, and a relative of mine (even though he'd probably deny it), Walt, sent me a suggestion for a Humpday Hottie feature.  Personally, I think she's a skag.  I mean, who wears a purple bow-ribbon, and purple shoes?

Okay, now on to our little quiz...

Honestly, only about a dozen of y'all that visit Andy's Place will be able to answer this.  This picture I am going to show y'all became unrelevant a long while back...back when we had about a dozen daily visitors.  But, now that we are all the way up to 14, there are two of you that need not even give it a try (and you know who you are).  So, if you don't know, don't feel bad about it. 

Actually, I was reluctant to even do this  for several reasons.  But, I ran it past the "Globber I'm A'Thinkin' Of," a while back and he laughed like crazy, and didn't seem to mind it one bit.  So, I'm taking that as a thumbs up.  Plus, I have got to get these pictures off my desktop...I'll swear, I can't even see the wallpaper anymore.

So, here are the clues.

1)  The picture notes his original blogging handle, which he does not use any longer.

2)  He once lived in civilization, but is now in hiding (I think he's foraging on nuts, berries, Marlboros, and young love).

C)  The picture notes his original blogging handle, which he does not use any longer.

Okay, since this is a quiz deal, I should notify y'all that there will be no REAL prizes if you get it right.  I mean, I tried for a couple of years to give Sadie away in quiz/contests, and people quit playing.  But, I'm thinking that since this is going to be a a regular feature that I should make up a scoreboard deal.  We will see how this goes, and trust me, you are gonna' be internet-proud if you wind up at the top!

So, I'm thinking, this:  A bronze medal for getting the globber's name right.  A silver medal for providing the globber's URL.  And, a gold medal for the full legal name of said globber.

So, here we go.  Tell me the globber I'm a' thinkin' of...NAME, URL, AND FULL LEGAL NAME!  (By the way, I do actually know this globber's full legal name, so you can't jack around with me).

Ready!  Set!  GO!!!!!!


  1. I must be too newbie to know the answers, but I LOVE this picture!!

    And I think I remember it.

    But I've slept since then. And I'm not allowed to run for office.

  2. I can't seem TWO remember all the details, DOG-goneit.

  3. Steamboat McGoo.

    Do I win a dog or something?

  4. Moogie, you are too newbie to remember it. You win a bronze medal for honesty.

    Nancy...I know that you know! Dog-goneit! You're trying TWO hard to get the DOGgone answer right!

    BTw, you get a silver medal even though you didn't give the globber's current name...but thanks...we wouldn't want to spoil it for everybody else.

  5. Anon...sorry, it is not Steamboat. And yes, you win the boobie prize. Please provide your shipping address, and my retarded yellow lab Sadie will be delivered to you post haste.

  6. I know! I know! I think?

    Once known as Two Dogs, he is the mean ol meany, who can be found at or over on the failbook under his professional hellokitty guitar playing real name of Paul Mitchell.

    Once I wrote all that, I'm really not sure that's right. Oh well. Sigh.

  7. Staci, HA! You win a silver medal! Pat yourself on the back.

    But, the GOLD only goes to the one that knows his given first name. "Paul" is just an alias deal...kinda' like "Two Dogs," "MeanOlMeanie," etc.

    Somebody knows. But, you and Nancy are sharing the podium right now.

  8. I know, but I cannot tell you because I am still laughing at the dookie-eating dog at Moogie's!

  9. well I guess I am not in the cool kids club! Heh heh!

  10. Staci, I only know by accident. He doesn't share that on purpose.

    TD, ain't it the truth? Son, I laughed so loud at Moogie's post that Pam thought something was wrong with me...I mean something more wrong than usual.

  11. Paul Mitchell? Never heard of him.

    Oh, and thanks for the link. And the understanding about the lack of posting.

  12. I'm still sticking with Steamboat McGoo.

  13. I'm still sticking with Steamboat McGoo.

    That may not be the right answer but I think it's the best answer/name.

  14. Hey Buck, Steamboat McGoo is a blog bud. You might have visited his place.


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