Thursday, June 17, 2010

Featured Binniss of the Day...

Nyuk!  Thanks, Walt.


  1. Being an independent biddusman, I am certain that you understand the need for diversity in your offerings.

    In Cleveland, MS, there was Dong's Pharmacy and Pet Store back in the day.

  2. Nyuk! Yeah...this reminded me of that video you posted...can't remember the name, but it was a barbecue and foot massage place.

  3. Reaction #1: I do believe that's Fannie Krueger's favorite place. Fannie is Freddie's wife you know.

    Reaction #2: I seem to remember a little place like that over in Center, TX.

    Reaction #3: I wonder if the proprietor uses the same implements for both procedures.

  4. Dan, Nyuk! #3 cracked me up. I'm gonna wait and see if Walt wants to chime in on how he titled the e-mail.


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