Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Publisher's" Block...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I guess all globbers suffer from "writer's block" occasionally.  Well, that is not the case here at Andy's Place. 

Nope, I've been writing like a fiend.  I mean, I've been writing with both hands!  My problem is publishing this junk. 

In the last 5 days I have written 3 long, detailed pieces.  One of them was that big monster post about Sex Offenders, and the Sex Offender Registry.  Another was a very funny story about how The Mrs. thought I was bitchin' too much about painting...until SHE got hold of that gallon of Kilz ceiling white paint I had been trying to work with.  And yesterday I wrote a fabulous tribute to the life-long racist, Cornelius Calvin Sale (a.k.a. Senator Robert C. Byrdbrain).

The problem is that after finishing each piece, I hit the "preview," and read what I had written.  So, I asked myself on each occasion, "Andy, if you were a publisher would you run with this?  Do you really think this would be interesting to others?"

The answer each time was, "Heck no!"  Which brought on a quick click of the "delete post" button in each case.

I'm thinking of either hiring a less critical publisher, or a better writer.


  1. I take a different tact with my blog. Since I never want to rise above mediocrity, lest I make people expect more of me, I publish the terrible posts all the time. Of course, I never, ever spell check or even read my post before I hit publish.

    I think that keeps my blog from really achieving anything and that is exactly the way I like it.

  2. Andy, not fair. You tease me with those three summaries and then say they're long gone. ARRGGGHH. My OCB is kicking in. I must read those stories. I have to have them. I'll spend the rest of my days wondering what was up with that sex offender thing, what you had to say about Byrdie, and what it was about the KILZ that helped the Mrs.understand you.

  3. I'm with Paul, I don't worry about whether or not it's any good, I just go with it!
    Get a grip man!

  4. You guys are all very kind. But, you just don't understand.

    It was all crap! And, when even I think something is crap...it really is.

    Maybe I'll give 'em another rip.

  5. Andy, if I want to read something that is well thought out and well written, I'll go over to Pat's place. I mean, she's an English Teacher, she probably grades our stuff in her head anyway!
    Go for it son.

  6. Jim, LMAO...Seriously...


  7. I do EXACTLY what Paul does. Write, hit publish. The end.

    No SpellCheck, no editing, no nuttin'!

    I know, I know, it's hard to believe because my posts are so perfect and all, but I kid you not.

    I kid you not, Andy!

  8. Mayor, you've never lied to me.

  9. I know a blogger guy
    he loves his blogging site,
    he writes on everything
    from field peas on down,
    oh -baby,
    One day he couldn't write,
    he tried with all his might,
    his friends said it will be alright,
    don't be getting so uptight,
    you blogger ma-aaan

  10. Nancy, I just love you musical types.

  11. I don't worry about my publisher, coz it's all in the fambly and fambly forgives. Usually. Sometimes. It's my freakin' EDITOR that gives me fits, and I swear to The Deity At Hand that I've fired him eleventy-lebben times. But he always comes back. It's that fambly thang.

  12. Buck, I know what you mean.

    Family is REALLY hard to work with, and even harder to let go. (Dude, I've got several long stories about just such things).



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