Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did y'all know that The Globber will let you upload video off your hard drive?

This is just "blog junk."  

I did not know that The Globber will let you upload video to a blog post from the toolbar until I noticed a new icon dealie between the "install picture," and "jump break" icons.

Has anybody tried it?

I get some good .wmv videos from people in computer letters, but then I've always had to go search for 'em on The YouTube or something to get the embed code.

Any input would be appreshunated!


  1. What in the hell is a "jump break" icon?

  2. Andy, I'm assuming from that comment that you don't have any experience uploading video from your hard drive.

    Thanks, man! Seriously!

  3. I can do pictures, but I don't have any videos on my hard drive to load, so I have never tried. Same as you: It's go gets me some embed code from youtube, and drive on.

    I seriously don't know what a jump break icon is. My blogger composing window has the picture one, then the video one, then some kind of eraser for removing formatting, though I don't actually know what that is, either. I have never added any formatting to anything that I know of.

  4. Andy, the old Blogger post editor did not have a "jump break" icon on it.

    If you haven't switched over to the new post editor you probably don't have the "jump break" icon. It's a little deal to the right of the add video icon. It looks like a block with a broken line through it.

    When you click on it, it installs a code in the html that puts the rest of your text on a different page. It displays on a blog post as "read more."

    It's real good to use if you have a very long post, or say lots of pictures you want to post, but don't want them all displayed on the post.

    For instance, here is a post I did using the "jump break."

  5. Oooops! There's not a "read more" link on that one. Sorry.

  6. You are sooooo bad at this.

  7. Record for most consecutive Andys in a comments section?

    WV: kentwri. I kent wri when I dis drunk!

  8. Probably the record! I'm gonna call those Guinness World Book folks and see if there is a category.

    I'll be sure and share the credik with ya'!

  9. I've tried uploading a video but it takes forever and sometimes stops before it's all uploaded.

  10. I'm so confused. Back to YouTube for me. :)

  11. Oh, I've used that feature. Barry's right: it's a little buggy; I've run into problems uploading on occasion, but it usually works.

    But if I have a movie I want to share, I'll often do like Kristin said and upload it to teh YouToob, then paste the embed code via the HTML tab.

    Oh, the MORE thingy only works on multi-post pages. LIke the home page, or archive pages, and so on. On the individual post page, there's no need for the MORE feature; it's already on the page the MORE link sends you too.

  12. Well, I just learned something Basil. I wondered why the old posts didn't have the "read more" thing operational.

    Thank you sir! I learn something new every day. From what Barry, and Kristin, and you say, it seems that I'd do better just to search for an embed code than try to upload videos. I do not have a YouTube account, so I will maybe look into that.

  13. Well, you'd have to deal with teh Google, and I don't know if you want to go through all that...

  14. Basil, you know it's a pain in the butt! The chinks have found a way around word verifications.

    I heard that they actually hire chinks to sit down and enter spam manually now. I've had about a dozen of these, even with WV turned on.


  15. So, that's the chink in Google's armor?

  16. I noticed the video button... but I have a Tube of You account and that's how I do my Cheesy Videos.

    But I've always wondered how the jump age thingie works (like having your pics appear in a different tab, and all your blog-roll links) , as well as the"read more." And I'm still wonderin'.

  17. I hate uppity computers. They use more cryptic acronyms than the military. A blog buddy had to tell me how to get the embed codes to work.

    So -- short answer? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No.


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